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I need your help DP Peeps!!

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Okay so fathers day is around the corner and I want to buy my husband a tool set.. What are some tool sets you guys recommned? I don't know where to start looking! If possible can someone send me some good "online links" for some tool sets? I say online because I am not stateside yet so I do all my shopping online. for now.. TIA! :) 
mikhaila posted May 03, 2012

Craftmans from sears is a great tool set. But depending on what you want and how much there is Snapon and Mac tools

catchersmom (rep: 24.9k) posted May 03, 2012


Hahahahahaah you said PEEPS. Try this, let him go somewhere or do something he's been wanting to do but maybe you think it's silly or whatever. Unless he really needs tools, then yeah, Sears.

jmucha1202 (rep: 4.2k) posted May 03, 2012


Catchersmom: thank you I will take a look.
Jmucha1202: we're touring Europe later this summer but that's more so of a "family" thing. he asked for a tool set a couple months ago. He'll be coming home from a deployment soon so if anything he'll just want to be home. my hubby is a pretty simple guy, doesn't like much doesn't need much..

mikhaila (rep: 2k) posted May 03, 2012


Home Depot has this set that looks like it will have most of the basics
Or From Sears
Or From Target

I like the one at Target the best followed by the one at Home depot. I hope this helps.

I would also like to thank you both for all you are doing for us. You are the 1% that people should aspire to.

skaro964 (rep: 24.6k) posted May 03, 2012


Sears runs some great sales on craftsman tools. Lowes carries Cobalt. May be a little pricier than craftsman, but good looking tools.

nthsll (rep: 12.5k) posted May 03, 2012


Rather than buy a tool set, which often includes too many sockets, I would buy a group of tools that you know he needs and a nice toolbox with which to put them. I did this for my girlfriend when we started dating two years ago. I bought a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, a medium & a large crescent wrench, wire cutters, measuring tape, ruler, box cutter, and I found a pink toolbox to put it all in. I've added some tools over time. I think it's a better approach then trying to find a set that has all that you need. I would buy Craftsmen or another good quality brand (Tru-Valu has good tools at a reasonable price).

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted May 03, 2012


Thank you guys for responding! Skaro964: I like the target one the best too! I honestly don't know what a man needs in a tool box. My husband isn't "too" handy with tools but he wants a set and never know when its needed!

erick99: I would like to do that but I stay in Germany and on base we don't have astore that gives us that many options as far as tools and buying on the economy is VERY expensive. Thank y'all so much!

mikhaila (rep: 2k) posted May 03, 2012