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I'm new lost and can't get discount to work at check out on EBay.

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I filled out all Info. at check out and in the middle my computer crashed and now can't get discount to work. When I click image it send me to EBay customer service and there no help and no one from here will answer me. I need to pay it today to keep from getting a bad review on purchasing and that's never happened. No one from this site has contacted me and it's been 2 days. What can I do to fix this problem? Please help!!! When I go to the deal here it says in upper right corner buried.
JDs69z28302 (L1) posted Nov 03, 2018

Hello JDs69z28302 :)

First off, what deal are you talking about. Can you please provide me a link?

Secondly, we do not sell any items on our site. We simply advertise deals offered from online and retail stores. I can help you so far as determining if a promo code is still valid, however beyond that, you will need to either contact ebay or the ebay seller.

DealsorNoDeals (L5) posted Nov 03, 2018


Yes I understand you don't sell items here. I found this here and when I went to Ebay it automatically set everything up and everything was going fine then I hit see deal and my computer crashed and when I got back it didn't work. I think I sent you what your asking for. My kids use to help me with things but there grown and gone so I'm doing my best. It's this deal and I copied it from the site just now. 90%
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EBay Customer Service
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Alienware lap top used but W/service contract paid separate by me. Thank you so much really needed different lap top. Was only possible with deals plus coupon.
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Posted on 1 day ago
JDs69z28302 (L1)
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Comments https://www.dealsplus.com/Laptop_deals/p_ebay-customer-service, https://www.ebay.com/rpp/last-chance-auctions?&_trkparms=&clkid=1648666239 , If this isn't enough let me know if it comes down to it I can give you access to my accounts if you need to. Thank's for getting back so quick. Any help is welcomed and appreciated. It my fault for not doing something smaller and cheaper first but the lap top I'm using now is CTD and don't know when it's going to die. Thanks Jack.

JDs69z28302 (L1) posted Nov 03, 2018