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In search of a balance for New changes

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I have had to think a lot and internalize this new radical change that the managers of Dealsplus have made, maybe many MM don't understand a lot but they are corporate decisions based on making win-win strategies! still do not understand the background of these changes; agree with many fellow MM that this page is UNIQUE and has its STYLE that differentiates it from other competitors who have even copied its scheme!

Think that there must be a balance between how new DP wants and the interaction of the MM which is what generates the views and at the same time the percentage that DP earn for each person who buys with their links.

It is vital and necessary made that a hand-picked coupon section or editor's selection be originated so that it is more dynamic .

Because say this since the main page only shows the coupons that are sponsored or the retailers that pay DP to advertise, they are always the same. That can bore the consumer.

In addition, if DP is not going to remove the deal function, should add at least the handpicked deals section in the bar where the coupons, stores and cashback are!

Anyway, I have always felt like a family since joined DP 1 year ago, it seemed like a very simple and friendly platform!

I have been able to grow little by little and will continue to support them and give my recommendations and ideas! hope there is a reflection and the voice of the MM who are the heart of DP is heard!
BurnsE (L4) posted Jun 11, 2021