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DealsorNoDeals removed an old offer to please stewartcherek knowing that she was the one who isolated the duplicate I already see the injustice and surely they will not plow anything BurnsE knows what I'm talking about since I updated her post
ridavid2018 (L1) posted Nov 27, 2020

You posted a product deal before it was live. We buried that deal because the deal was not live yet.

DealsorNoDeals (L5) posted Nov 27, 2020


okay I don't like discussions, I just like things to be done well, I have nothing against
stewartcherek she is very good at what she does but let's keep the order of things please ... have a good day

You would have told me that I could put in the title when the offer began ... because that's how she isolate it and I publish it before the offer was active ... but I am not saying it badly

ridavid2018 (L1) posted Nov 27, 2020


Hello, @ridavid2018 publish the links of the 2 offers, there are many offers that the MMs update me and I don't remember which one you are talking about.

As a recommendation, always place the links of the offers that you have problems to be able to verify either the ID of the offers or the date of the comment, always place a comment when you update an offer that may generate a duplicate.

BurnsE (L4) posted Nov 27, 2020


Thanks for the recommendations ... I don't want you to think that I am someone troublesome ... let's move on, hopefully the offer will help many that is the mission, the administrators know, who we demonstrate that we want to do things well and bring joy to all who visit dealsplus and I know there is a conscience within them to do what is due

ridavid2018 (L1) posted Nov 27, 2020


It is not being problematic, we must defend our rights and if something is wrong, seek justice. But if you don't want to share the links, I respect your decision!

BurnsE (L4) posted Nov 27, 2020


yes, I already saying about this to few MM who post upcoming prices for individual Product deals, the problem here is viewers can not see the actual current price of the item and anyone can update back to current price as per the rules it is correct.

prince16pream (L3) posted Dec 02, 2020


Notbad addressed the issue on pre listing sales and individual products: Sales: "As of now, we are allowing MMs to submit a deal with an upcoming sale with the correct start date on the title + expiration date, if available." Individual Product Deals: "Just in case, this^ rule is only applicable to sales. Not applicable to a product deal(s)." I've found the same individual/individuals hand-picking the best deals from the ads and pre listing them at the sale price. I do let the admins know when I run across this deception. I've also discovered that in specific daily timed deals, the person/persons put up links before the sale and then when the sale starts, add on an update with the new deal. Hopefully this deceptive, purposeful behavior ends. There are people out there really struggling during this difficult year. Be fair, honest, and have integrity among fellow workers.

pgarcia2484 (L3) posted Dec 02, 2020


@pgarcia I agree. I believe restaurant offer also can be listed for upcoming ones.

prince16pream (L3) posted Dec 02, 2020


@pgarcia, all admins are actively adding notes on both positive & negative contribution(s) of all MMs: we will make necessary adjustments/actions to eliminate these issues.

Notbad (L5) posted Dec 03, 2020


I agree with @pgarcia I support your words!

In terms of placing an advance date on certain products, this rule only applies to a few stores since, in Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday events, many of us place products that were in the advance catalogs of the most popular stores with anticipation dates. These were accepted without any problem. The problem lies when I choose stores that have a preference with certain users, examples ALDI and Costco, where the person who has monopolized DP has an advantage because of the help of a couple of admins.

As for the daily offers, waoo I had too many problems at the beginning since stewardcherek towards what Pgarcia mentions, places a generic link and launches the offer later when published only changes the name and description just to earn a much lower ID, I have been able to win some and well I see that she has stopped doing it . Also this other similar account that does the same but uses old links that have nothing to do with the daily offer and updates it to gain an advantage. But it is very unpleasant to be like a spy or taking capture as evidence every time an offer is updated just because of this act of certain people. And well that's why in some offers I am so specific when updating, since the same people who have an advantage cause one to be this way.

There are many failures and discontent in a good group of MM I have recently read in the forum, I hope that soon there will be the fairness that many want and that friendly atmosphere that @branie mentioned in another Post.

BurnsE (L4) posted Dec 04, 2020


I have noted a trend with some of these forum comments, all practically geared towards one MM and yet these ppl writing up should not be casting stones, especially with their own action and how they behave on DP. All those who secretly plot to tear others down and yet here writing up about ppl.

If an MM is adding deals fairly and updating fairly, why is that an issue? Some MM stay up hours in the AM to catch deals and find the best sale, yet there are MMs who sleep all night, then get up in the morning to steal deals. You all need to be real.

DivaToya (L2) posted Dec 04, 2020


Diva toya you hit the nail on the head cause I know of a specific mm (won’t call names) who is sending persons private messages so that they can team up to fight out another mm 😂.... but it would seem like their efforts are futile and as such it is starting to frustrate them..but hey that’s none of my business.

If it is that you guys want to be acknowledged for your honest efforts put In the work needed cause you guys have no idea the sacrifices that people have to make and the hard work that they have to put in just to earn a dollar on this site.

DennisHen (L2) posted Dec 05, 2020


@BurnsE I know who you are talking about :), but that AlDI problem is now over. Regarding your comment about Costco, there is no anticipation of dates when I post, I would post only with correct Dates in the title or with correct Month Title and also leave dates in comment section. If those are correct dates no arguments , the proof will be in the comment and dates attached to title at the time of posting.

Everyone can see the truth , See comments placed right after deal posted.


Now come to your costco deal @BurnsE :) ,
https://www.dealsplus.com/home-garden_deals/p_january-member-only-savings , you posted no starting date, intial expiration was set 1/17/2021 :), then when i come to comment you placed dates. That's now noted. No one should argue on this if those dates are correct when they go live.

Honestly speaking these dates are not anticipated dates just like black friday dates.

I know everyone faces problem because of few MM, who post with completely different title , they just want to post the deal, then later come to match up the title if someone post the deal and it is promoted. The problem here is when we search that deal we can not find it, because those titles are completely different. After we post that MM come to edit the title , place expiration if any , then come to flag others deal. I do not know even she bring some very old deal she posted as duplicate, those are opened only because she did not place expiration :), that's a big joke. Yes, I'm talking about stewardcherek , when we can place an offer that is completely different title and change later, the dealid advantage comes but admin's closer attention needed for these kind of smart edits. The offer can not be same but why these people can not post with correct title , this can save other MM time and DP resources.

If anyone has valid deal with proof where I'm/was wrong I would completely agree, but what I see here is jealous and revenge, if you are good at doing something the outcome will be good, I'm the same guy who's deals were buried continuously when those deals were already posted many days ago. But I changed what I post , i try to bring deal ahead of others, but I do not do smart edits, leave comments for each important edit, if this is ruining to others I do not care.

Another thing I want to point out here is Admin's do not favor anyone, they do what is correct.

prince16pream (L3) posted Dec 05, 2020


honestly speaking, I didn't want to mention you and it's good that you identify yourself as the person who has monopolized DP and good the one who has caused so much discord haha!

Actually that resentment for that costco offer you still have it, how does it feel to do the same to you? I had forgotten it until alexa reminds me to update it hehe!

What you say is contradictory, the first one here that is jealous and profitable is you, it's funny to read that haha! Smart Edits you get a specialization with honors! That you now make comments on each publication is something new, surely recommended by your teacher, because you know that before you did not do it, you have this last quarter doing it in such detail!

And well I hope that others leave their fear and respond and open a debate since the prince of dealsplus is now active in the forum haha (maybe some admin recommended you to write here so that your dream to go up to Lv4 comes true) :)

BurnsE (L4) posted Dec 05, 2020


let's maintain respect for everyone ... this is not about falling into foolish competitions ... here whoever spends his time finding good deals, no one should judge it ... and the causes that are causing misunderstandings hopefully as they have said the administrators who are taking notes to find a solution ... I hope that a new regulation be built where these situations that create conflict are corrected and exposed so that everyone is governed by that and not to say that if one or that if another for personal convenience .

ridavid2018 (L1) posted Dec 05, 2020


@Burnside if you do the do well and talk to me. I do not mind if you or anyone else post costco deals , I do not own any sites. If Those dates are correct no argument, those edits are being watched. Those comments even do not help still you blindly saying something wrong :). Analyze what you do , you do not like something then you do same but not doing that correctly. Yes, I'm talking having dates in costco deals, anyway Alexa helped you.

prince16pream (L3) posted Dec 06, 2020


@prince16preamide I know you haven't slept thinking about my costco offer! how cute :).

You will say sarcastically about Alexa but it is a super useful tool, I bought one this Black Friday and wao I have placed commands for almost everything, and it has helped me to work here in a more orderly way. I have it synchronized with my PC is the best! If you do not have money to buy one, you can download any virtual assistant App they are super useful and help a lot, I recommend it!

BurnsE (L4) posted Dec 06, 2020


Your deal is not a gem :) . If you did it right , keep it . I was just explaining how you came to comment even after you saw proof of having correct dates I know you were just upset when your deal were buried you bring variety of reasons. Now if you do the same do it correctly. No need an Alexa.

Regarding comments left by me, yes, It is for MM like you, even it is there for proof, you people blindly bring different reasons, I did not do it until you people came here . You wanted see proof even though someone post with correct dates ;), also it is for smartedit people, where I can leave a proof for not having any valid details to consider it is original.

prince16pream (L3) posted Dec 06, 2020