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iPhone 4 and Apple Care - Do I need SquareTrade Warranty? Your + Vs. -

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Hey Folks! I just got a brand new iPhone 4 from eBay. It was auction style listing and it included Apple Care as well. Got a good deal so I'm happy now :) Now I'm thinking - do I need to get Square Trade warranty in addition to Apple Care or not? I know that Apple Care has extra 1 year warranty but Square Trade has 3 years. Would it be wise to get it? Every time I buy something I get Square Trade warranty (so far I have 5 items registered). But all of the items are not Apple. So please provide your + and - Thanks!
belarus94 posted Jan 05, 2011

personally..i think if you can take care of your phone..then you don't need that extra years. i don't think the phone will automatically fail you for any reason..usually i see people needing fixes when they do something themselves..such as dropping the phone into water..stuff like that. in the know yourself better than i do. do you find yourself breaking things a lot?

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Jan 05, 2011


I agree with nimrodboy3. It really depends what type of person you are. Are you the clumsy type or the careful type based on your past experience?

Anyway, I heard the most common accident I've heard is water damage (steam, snow, etc.). So a friend of mine bought an iPhone 4 and it got water damage (from the snow?) and Apple gave him an replacement iPhone 4. Normally they charge you $199 for a replacement phone but I guess they changed their policy? My friend got his replaced for free (you can do this only once per lifetime of the phone).

I don't think you need to get a Square Trade warranty for it, I think AppleCare should be enough PLUS, an you might want to upgrade to iPhone 5 by the time your AppleCare warranty expires. :)

PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Jan 05, 2011