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Is Amazon Prime worth the money?

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Is Amazon Prime ( worth the money, $79? Currently, I have it for free. But, I am not sure if I should keep it or not. I save $$ on shipping, but it makes me shop more.. meaning it makes me spend more money :(
ellis posted Nov 02, 2010

FYI, currently you have two ways to join Amazon Prime for free:

ellis (DealsPlus mod) posted Nov 02, 2010


I'll let you know about a secret that Amazon has. Well, not really a secret but its just something they do. So I've been a Amazon Prime member for about 4 years (Paid $79 for all 4 years). Well, about 2 years ago, I came across this Star Wars lightsaber deal on Amazon, it was sold for about $13 and it retails for $120. Knowing that it was a price mistake (Amazon RARELY has price mistakes), I ordered 3. It turns out that Amazon has shipped all the orders to the Amazon Prime members and have cancelled all the non-amazon prime members. I sold the lightsaber on CL for about $70 each. I guess Amazon really cherishes its Amazon prime members.

I think overall it really comes down to how often you buy from Amazon. $79 for free 2-day shipping and $3.99 next day shipping is pretty good. I have at least 50 Amazon packages sent to me annually so its definitely worth it for me. However, if Amazon charged TAX in CA I would NOT be a Amazon prime member.

TOTOOO (rep: 50.8k) posted Nov 02, 2010


Amazon Prime is fantastic. We recently signed up for the free 1 year via the link that ellis posted above that is available if you are a student with a valid .edu email address. I must say that Amazon prime is awesome. You no longer worry about the $25 minimum for free shipping since everything that you order comes with free 2 day shipping. Lets say you order a spoon or scissors that cost $5, even an item like that will come in 2 days. The best part to use the Amazon Prime is for objects that weigh more then 100 pounds since most other companies charge well over $50 for shipping, with the Amazon Prime its free. Recently we ordered a TV and not only did they give us the 2 day delivery but Amazon even gave us a scheduled 2 hour delivery time slot to use. Pretty much Amazon is great and if you do use them quite often then it is defin. worth it. As far as Tax is concerned for the post that TOTOOO made, we currently do pay Tax since we are NY residents but honestly Amazon's prices are so competitive that most of the time it does make sense to order from them. has the best customer service and overall have never let us down so it really comes down to the is the $79 worth it???? Well most people dont realize this but when you pay the $79 you also get 5 accounts that you can join together. We currently have family members connected to this and they also get the Amazon Prime for a year. So what it comes down to is you pay the $79 and get the Amazon Prime membership for up to 5 people. Can't go wrong.. Just my 2 cents. :-)

deal (rep: 7k) posted Nov 03, 2010


After my free 3-month trial ended, I was debating this same question until the Student ( option rolled around. I've delayed my debating for another year.

I've noticed that I LOVE shopping Amazon for everyday items. On a Monday morning I noticed that the batteries in my bathroom scale were dead. While I was brushing my teeth, I found the batteries (for about the same price they'd be at Walmart) online from Amazon via iPhone app. I wasn't going to be able to make it to Walmart until the weekend, and I had placed my Amazon order before my electric toothbrush turned off after 2 minutes. 2 new batteries arrived on my doorstep on Wednesday.

Are batteries for my bathroom scale *that* important? Probably not. That's just one example of the convenience, though. I expect it to be a god-send come Holiday gifting time.

Another bonus: I';m increasingly able to talk my boyfriend out of overpriced impulse buys while we're shopping. I scan a barcode with the Amazon iPhone app while we;re out;
me: "Oh look, Amazon has it for $5 less."
bf: "But if I get it here I can take it home now."
me: "Will you use it in the next 2 days?"
bf: "Probably not"
me: "Okay, it's free 2-day shipping, so it'll save you $5 and get here before you even need to use it."
Now I can share the savings with others too. :)

I've polled members of other forums about this also, and it seems to depend how much you use Amazon. Busy families that can link accounts seem to get more value out of it, but if you do a lot of shopping online anyway, Prime is pretty nice.

Another option that's slightly less convenient: apparently you get free Prime with an Amazon credit card. If you're in the market to switch up your credit card, it might be worth investigating.

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Nov 03, 2010


i think it's all relative. it just really depends on how much you purchase from that store.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Nov 03, 2010