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Is anyone attending the Gap Free Jeans Giveaway Event on Friday?

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I know it's a bit late to ask this question, but is anyone attending this event? Check out the deal post again w/some interesting comments. I know I'll be there just because I posted the deal and of course, for the Free giveaway! Here it is >>> https://www.dealsplus.com/product/gap-free-jeans-giveaway-event-this-friday-facebook
unikki420 (L5) posted Nov 04, 2010

i'm not going to be there, but i did switch my phone for my wife to use. hopefully she gets a pair =).

nimrodboy3 (L5) posted Nov 05, 2010


I went to my nearest Gap store and was the 10th customer in line. Came to find out the free jean coupon was only given out to the first 4 in line. Everyone else got a 40% off ticket (blue) to be use on a single reg. price item valid for same day purchase only.

It was not chaotic as everyone expect it to be....there were about 15 people there when the store opened.

I was bummed about not being able to get in on the free jean so went over to Victoria Secret and got my free panty instead =D

unikki420 (L5) posted Nov 05, 2010


I went to the gap and got there 5th and was able to get my free jeans!

cwonder (L1) posted Nov 05, 2010