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Is is allowed to publish a same product more than once?

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Hello everyone, I'd like to know if it's allowed to publish a same product more than once? Of course, it means when a new discount applied, could we create a new deal for the same product? Or could we edit on the old deal link to refresh the new discount? Thanks for your kindly instruction in advance.
flora78261742 (L1) posted Jun 01, 2021

@flora78261742 If it is same product we must edit the old/existing product. You will notice more than 98% of the time when you try to post the same product you will be given a duplicate warning message , open the product in a separate to see if it same, if it is same update the old if not you can proceed to create new deal.

In rare cases you won't be warned with duplicate messages applies to certain sites, I would suggest you search using "Search Coupons & Deals" on top section, once you get the results please check the "Show Expired" under filter , it will bring up all related products including expired.

prince16pream (L3) posted Jun 01, 2021


Thank you @prince16pream

Notbad (L5) posted Jun 02, 2021