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Is the new Amazon Tablet going to give the iPad and other competitors a run for their money?

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See news post: It is surprising to hear they may sell it for under production cost! It will likely run Android.
TheJammer posted Sep 04, 2011

I don't know

Vinkoniggma (rep: 79) posted Sep 04, 2011


i dont' know as well..i think it has potential, but i still think that ipad2 will remain on top. people seem to just buy whatever apple produces..don't get me wrong..i have apple products and i totally dig them..but by name alone..if i saw two tablets, i'd probably lean towards the apple one if i had to go by name alone.

based on specs, though..i think it'll have potential to take the lead, but i still think apple will stay on top..just based on the past with phones and other gizmos.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Sep 05, 2011


Apple has historically been a company that has focused on profit margin rather than market share. It's recent mainstream popularity is an anomaly rather than a result of strategic planning. With Amazon preparing to compete aggressively, Apple will soon be relegated to it's traditional role as a boutique brand.

THECLONERANGER (rep: 388) posted Sep 05, 2011


In response to nimrodboy3, I think I may agree with that logic. Another factor is iCloud being released by apple. This will make it more worthwhile for you to buy another apple product if you already have one because of the ease/seamless syncing between the two devices and your computer and the cloud.

TheJammer (rep: 1.1k) posted Sep 05, 2011