Q: Is the new version of the iPod Nano better than previous versions?

Is the touch screen on the Nano good? Or is it too small?
durstc posted Dec 15, 2010
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It depends how big your finger is, My gf has a ipod nano and the touch screen on the nano is the same as touchscreen on the touch except smaller of course. I think it is pretty good overall. You should go to an apple store/electronic store to check it out before you buy it.
PLUSME (rep: 1.6k) posted Dec 15, 2010
Don't think I could be much help to you. I love my gen 6 Nano with wideo camera and pedometer and the dial touch. I love the touch screen on the iPad,but can't stand the phone sizes, so I don't think it would be for me. Above answer has excellent advice, check it out before buying.
corjong (rep: 248) posted Dec 15, 2010
not to be mean to apple, but I think the current Ipod nano sucks. It is a very cool Ipod, but it should not end the Nano. THe last nano had a camera, and a good screen to watch videos and listen to music. The new one would be a nightmare to watch videos on. Touchscreens might sound cool, but when its that small, its just as good as the circle. I might not like it, but check it out. You might like it better. Aaaandddd.... if your not sure, wait until a good deal on dealsplus.com comes up and go with that one.
iowahawkeyes (rep: 4.25k) posted Dec 15, 2010