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Is this how THE BIG posters do it?

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Save many deals, (  for mod approval ),  so they get the first post, but then have time too do the work on making the post?


because I never seem to get there first........
what is the trick?
encorez posted Apr 06, 2012

MrBklynW explained it pretty well. He posted the deal first and since it was a duplicate deal because all daily deals are, it needs a moderator's approval. The reason why you didn't see it when you search for the deal is because it needed a moderators approval which could take up to an hour. There are a lot of other users who also posted the same daily deals during this time frame.

A good way to see who posted the deal first is by the post id#.

your post id#726983
MrBklynW post id#726949

If you have any questions, you could pm me.

TOTOOO (rep: 50.3k) posted Apr 06, 2012


^ just wondering how so few can post so many, and always beat me to the punch?

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Apr 06, 2012


cool if there was a link on all the tricks of this trade, it would even out the playing field. and the quality of the FP would go up.

encorez (rep: 10k) posted Apr 06, 2012


yes, we are still the underdogs on here. I'd like to step up my game and learn the HOW to's. Maybe a pro DP here would like to write a HOW to DP dummy book. :)

gangstabarbie (rep: 20.4k) posted Apr 06, 2012


For what it's worth, I've tried to Submit a deal before, only to see that you --encorez-- had posted it first. Don't count yourself out just yet.

shimisi (rep: 132k) posted Apr 06, 2012


It does get frustrating at times when the top posters gets their deal out first but I got used to it. They got their system down and I don't think its fair to ask how they do it unless they want to share. It's taking away $ for their efforts and for some it may be a big part of their income. Sure, I would love to post FP deals, but lately have always been beaten to the punch on almost every deal I post. It's all good. So if they beat me to a post, kudos to them. If you can figure it out or come out with a better way to earn more FP posts and start earning more $, would you let someone take it away from you by telling them how to do it?

chuckydealpl (rep: 59.5k) posted Apr 06, 2012


@chuckydealpl; agreed. I used to get a fair number of FP's before the moneymakers program, but since then I have sort of given up trying to beat the big players to new posts. They definitively have a great system, or are doing it nearly full time.

Either way, I don't mind that much. I like this site, and the primary reason I use it is to find the best price on stuff. And all the competition has only made it better for that.

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Apr 06, 2012


you have to live on slickdeals, sort the hot deal forum by recent topcs and keep hitting refresh. Thats how they do it. Oh and sign up for a few hundreds email alerts that you check all day. Not sure who would want to do this but I guess those who like to say they work from home.

Acidbaby (rep: 6.9k) posted Apr 08, 2012


I am pretty sure the big posters are doing this as a full time job. You can't be so active here and have a A-game all the time unless you got nothing else to do. With a full time job and no kids I still don't have more than 1 hour a day to be on here!
It sure does get very annoying when every deal you post is already on here but that's life! I sometimes actually think that dealspl might as well call itself is barely any product from amazon that is not already listed on here! lol
Oh well...may be when I retire in the next 40 years or so, I will do this full time and beat the big poster at every post....till then they can enjoy the reign :D

Florida2Texas (rep: 15.1k) posted Apr 08, 2012


Besides the fact that they share their account and are on 24/7
Use tabs to have all the deals lined up and ready to go
Just to add to the list above of how they do it.

xptrish (rep: 98.5k) posted May 12, 2014


I learned months ago you will never beat some users here need to name them :) I just gave up and still try to post whatever I find around..I dont mess with daily deals since they seem to be automatic for certain users as well :) Good Luck to you dont give up

kevin07 (rep: 25.6k) posted May 12, 2014


BTW how to one see the POST ID?

kevin07 (rep: 25.6k) posted May 12, 2014