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It seems as though I missed DP payday

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Hello all, last month was my first month with DP MM program and It seems as though I missed this months payday. I thought I set up my payment option to paypal when I first joined last month but apparently I did not. So when I saw everyone was getting paid the other day (from reading this section) I notice I did not. Will the payment I missed from last month (this payday) be added on to next month? Thanks for all responses in advance. 
Jlowry posted May 31, 2013

Did you earn more than $25? I don't think they make payments if you don't earn a minimum of $25

lilywow (rep: 8.7k) posted May 31, 2013


They pay you at the end of each month for the previous month made, as long as you made a total of at least $25.00 or more, so If you didn't make $25.00 last month, it gets added in until you do. So, if last month and this month total $25.00 or more then you will get payed at the end of next month! Hope that helped answer your question.

LilRed77 (rep: 7.4k) posted May 31, 2013


thank you guys for answering. Yes I made over $25.00. I think its because I added my payment method late. Is there anyone I can speak with?

Jlowry (rep: 191) posted Jun 01, 2013


If May was your first month then your first payday will be at the end of June. I am not sure if April or May was your first. Also, be sure to fill out the online tax form or you will stop getting paid once you get to $600.

erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Jun 01, 2013


thank you for that information erick. May, should've been my first pay out. my first month was April. I made over $25 for that month.

Jlowry (rep: 191) posted Jun 01, 2013


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brandon343 (rep: -4) posted Jun 01, 2013


When I first started I wasn't paid until the end of the 2nd month too. I'd say you'll get paid at the end of this month;)

LokaFreeThings2 (rep: 3k) posted Jun 01, 2013