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JustFab - has anyone used it and/or cancelled their membership?

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I got suckered into their first time buyer deal - 50% off your first purchase and free shipping. I read all the terms and conditions about how their program works. $39.95 each month will be charged to your card if you don't "skip a month." This money, if you don't opt out for the month, can applied to a purchase the same month. The t & c also state you can cancel any time. This is why I didn't see any problem... until I read the reviews about this site.

Since reading the people's reviews, I've set a reminder to close my account once November begins AND I have already replaced the card I registered with. My first purchase has already gone through but I just wanted to prevent any further unauthorized charges they might try in case I have problems closing my account come November.

Has anyone used before and/or tried canceling their account?
Would I run into any problems if they tried charging my old card even after I try to can do my "membership?"

arsiel posted Oct 17, 2012

i have the same delema but wit saveology the company is located here in florida and still no sign of my order i usually give companys a second chance to make things right but if everything fails then is time to contact your credit card

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted Oct 17, 2012


That is why I never do anything with those sites that make you TRY a FREE trial membership and then you have to remember to cancel it the next month or they charge your credit card some huge amount!! Stay away from these types of sites in my opinion.

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Oct 17, 2012


Ugh krmills, what's more frustrating is that it's hardly a membership. I don't get a real service from it at all but you're right, i should be careful about anything that requires a subscription or monthly payment. That's why I cancelled the card immediately.

rd995, oh no! I thought saveology was reputable since there's so many deals from there on DP. I guess it's time for me to remove myself from the mailing list. Thanks for the heads up & I hope everything gets fixed :/

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Oct 17, 2012