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Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Headphones/Headset

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Product link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=75-991-307

These bluetooth headphones were a really good buy. I paid only about $20 about a year ago and they're still working great! I would highly recommend these to anyone looking to buy their first pair of bluetooth headphones and headset for their phone.

Price: Ranging from $18 to $25, these headphones are extremely affordable. A good pair of bluetooth headphones can cost a lot more and I even got free shipping since I ordered from Newegg.

Quality: These headphones are certainly built fairly solid, yet lightweight. I even wear them when I'm working out and they stay on my head without a problem (unlike ear buds). The sound never degrades making these a perfect upgrade from wires. The range is also impressive. I can be well over 30 feet from my phone and still hear music without any connection issues.

What sets them apart: These headphones last forever on a single charge. I think forever is an understatement. They're rated for 8 hours, but they practically last all week, which for my amount of usage is more than 8 hours. I use these headphones to carry conversations and listen to music every day. It's really easy to forget to charge them because you hardly ever really need to. I'm glad it charges via mini usb because I can have a separate charging cord at work and at home.

The only bad thing about these headphones is I feel like they stick out from the side of your head a little too much giving you a sort of Frankenstein look, but maybe I'm looking too much into it. It's probably due to the fact that they wrap behind the head instead of going on the head, which reminds me, they won't mess up your hair if that's a concern.
saveoften (L5) posted Jan 03, 2014

so good

gamehouse88 (L0) posted Aug 08, 2016


Now it is OUT OF STOCK.

Shineboy (L0) posted Aug 22, 2016