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Lots of deals lately have high shipping costs!

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Do deals with high shipping costs still be considered a GREAT deal?????
I mean, if you calculate the cost of shipping and subtract the sale amount from the
original price, it doesn't really end up being such a deal.

I'm just saying. What is your take on this?
MdavidK30 posted Sep 02, 2012

I ALWAYS take shipping into consideration on deals (a lot of people ONLY see the sale price and ignore the shipping when plussing a deal...) When I shop for my family I watch EVERY Penny - so when I post deals I try to weigh out if a deal is really a deal if you have to pay shipping. There are exceptions, however - say if the price is SUPER GOOD but shipping is high - however there is a Free Shipping code if you spend a certain amount - this can really benefit you if you are going to spend enough at that store to GET the Free Shipping... if not - things are NOT always a good deal if you just purchase them on their own. That is my take on it, anyway. :)

FibroMom (rep: 244k) posted Sep 02, 2012


Good take... thanks Fibro Mom!

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Sep 02, 2012


i decided to do some shopping in stores yesterday and today and i know i saved on shipping but spend it in food and gas, most of this big deals going on online are also in stores so thats another way to save if you are not far away from the stores

rd995 (rep: 151k) posted Sep 02, 2012


Agree with Mom on this. I work @ a small store that offers shipping. Not free shipping. Face it, someone has to pay the shipping. If a business has to spread the cost of shipping into it's merchandise, the price goes up for everyone, regardless if you purchase in the store or online. It's called the cost of doing business, and how you determine your merchandise price. Why should a loyal customer that physically visits your store be penalized...and why shouldn't an online shopper see the actual cost of the item?
If I see great discounts @ an online store with a flat rate, I take into consideration:
#1 It's the 1st pound that costs the shipper the most, and distance matters. A stick of gum and a hundred dollar bill both cost the same to ship.
#2 Is it an item that requires careful packing...something fragile like glass as opposed to a T-shirt.
#3 Large volume shipping stores are able to get lower shipping rates. Most have warehouses that don't require the costly upkeep a B&M store does.

That said...Happy Labor Day to all the workers that keep America going!

glwrks (rep: 124k) posted Sep 02, 2012


I almost never by anything online unless the shipping is FREE or VERY low!!

krmills1 (rep: 14.4k) posted Sep 02, 2012


Same here krmills1
The high shipping is a definate deal killer for me.
Sometimes if the item is $2 but shipping $5 then I take into consideration the value as a whole.
Many times I don't post a deal because shipping is too high to actually make it a good deal. If it's available in store I will post and mention about saving the shipping cost by doing ship to store.
Here is where it comes in handy to be a member of Shoprunner or shipvantage.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Sep 02, 2012


Shipping is one way of saving money, if it is free shipping I love to shop, but even if the sale price is good and shipping is there I hesitate to purchase.

On the other hand, if there is vast difference in deal, comparing with other site and i can consider the shipping and go for it.

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Sep 02, 2012


I would only get something with shipping if it would cost more to travel to get there by bus... like, if I would need to take more than 2 buses to get back n forth, it'd be $8 for travel, and shlepping, it would make sense to buy it online. Even with $4-$6 even $7 shipping costs - but more than that, I'd take my chance and go to the store myself.

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Sep 03, 2012


I like free shipping.

Grassgreen (rep: -6) posted Sep 03, 2012


I take shipping cost into consideration as well. Also taxes!

phatdeals (rep: 2) posted Sep 04, 2012