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Macys coupons

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Are they serious? I think for the 5 things that are allowed there's like 100 exclusions. I went to purchase a few things and EVERYTHING was excluded for their 20% off and free shipping code. I rather spend the extra money and say w/e to Macy's.. anyone else have this problem?
courtneyssweets posted Dec 18, 2010

Yeah. that happened to me once or twice as well. Sometimes the coupons are very limited, so it would be pointless to even use one. However, if you spend a lot of money there, they send you out certificates that can be used on anything.

livebetter (rep: 1.5k) posted Dec 18, 2010


I've spent plenty of money there.. Never get any offers aside from the great deal I received when signing up for their charge card. Which was a one time thing.

courtneyssweets (rep: 12) posted Dec 18, 2010


I've noticed that it makes a difference where you shop. Some of the employees can discuss it with their managers, and they make exceptions. My sister who lives in NJ, said they do not make any allowances. They say no to everything. But, I've shopped in CA and AZ, and they are not as unforgiving.

But you know what, I have been disappointed lately with Macy's clothing and handbags, and shoes lately. So I have only purchased a few housewares (and those of course, were excluded from the coupon, lol). So I only had their sale price for them.

But, I really recommend asking different employees at the register if they will give you the coupon discount!

NiftyThrifty (rep: 1.3k) posted Dec 19, 2010