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Men in "Lingerie"

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Everyone knows men love to see their lady in lingerie.  There is just something really sexy about seeing your wife in some skimpy clothing - lots of skin, but still some mystery and hidden goodness.

BUT, are men in "lingerie" sexy?  Okay ladies, speak up!
  • If so, which kind of lingerie?  And does the dude have to be totally ripped to pull it off?
  • If not, why?  What else "does it" for you then?
So everyone can share their honest opinions, please keep it civil people!
fradyphoto posted Mar 03, 2012

Lol this is a very interesting question. In response to your intro part, I think, for the record, some women feel sexier in the "skimpy" clothing as well - it' not always just for guys. It's also for women to have an excuse to feel super sexy for themselves as well :)

Men in lingerie seems weird. Maybe it's because I'm imagining lacy things on them too... Awkward. If they're totally ripped, they can probably pull anything off.
I still think relatively toned men look the best in just boxers and a pair of jeans. There's something rugged about being bare chested and in low rise jeans that reveal just the top seam of their boxers. Shrug.

arsiel (rep: 13.1k) posted Mar 03, 2012


I attended thunder frOm down under in Vegas and instead of thinking these men are sexy in lingerie, I actually thought it was hilarious. I wasn't turned on but I was certainly entertained! I like men in boxer briefs with no t shirt... Yummmmm

gangstabarbie (rep: 21k) posted Mar 03, 2012


lol, gangstabarbie! You know, there is nothing like a guy in a long, dressy black coat like, and it looks even better on a guy with a great body, ala Angel: *faints*

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Mar 04, 2012


lol this is just an awesome question. Plus for you

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Mar 06, 2012