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As you can see from the comments in the Ask & Share section, this change has been very devastating for some and less upsetting, but still upsetting, for others.
It would be nice to know more about the future. If you simply don't know, then tell us that. I am among those that don't bear uncertainty very well.
Just a thought, but, I think, an important one. This sense of feeling adrift is unsettling.
erick99 (L3) posted Jan 15, 2017

No one will take the news easily, no one likes losing money, but it had to happen, if it didn't happen now, it would've happened soon when the site shuts down. And really not one cared about the future of the site, most users only cared about their next monthly income.
It really is time for all of you to pursue another source of income, and consider this site a place for social gathering.

wonder (L5) posted Jan 16, 2017


I cared about both, I've always enjoyed DP and I continue to post deals. But I agree with the essence of what you are saying.

erick99 (L3) posted Jan 16, 2017


"It really is time for all of you to pursue another source of income." Each person has a complicated life story.

erick99 (L3) posted Jan 16, 2017


Erick, there are many places online that you can work and make more money if you use your expertise, places like upwork. com, and if you're indeed a Psychology professor you'll have no problem finding a counseling job online, and make way more than you made here. you can even sell your services on craigslist for online counseling on skype and such.
if you're skilled at other things like transcribing, there are plenty of transcription jobs that pay $10-$15 an hour. This was never a good investment for you time, and I discovered that way early in the MM program.

wonder (L5) posted Jan 17, 2017


@wonder...no need to be hasty. Yes it was inevitable because dealsplus mods were scamming mm's and y'all were losing members like flies because everyone saw it. Y'all can thumb down others comments about all the negative truthful things people say about this site but it really doesn't matter to me. I myself found another source of income along time ago after tireless arguing with the scamming "mods" who messed with my deals and I was here before they even started the mm program, so stop acting like people only cared about making money because it was more than that! Try being HONEST about WHY they stopped mm program instead of acting like it is the mm members fault!

LilRed77 (L5) posted Jan 17, 2017