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Moms! What do you want for Mother's Day?

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What are you hoping to get for Mother's Day?  In this case I am speaking of things that can be bought.  I can't blame any mom for asking for a day off from minding the family, etc.  But, in terms of what can be purchased from a store, B&M or online, what are you hoping for?  Us dad's are curious and by reading what you post we might do a better job buying for the mom's in our lives.  So, let's here from you. Dads are standing by.

erick99 (L3) posted Apr 26, 2012

I honestly don't know.

Let me think...

I want a whole day where I don't care. I don't want to care what people are thinking about me. I don't want to care about whether or not I look a certain way. I don't want to care that my family is different. I just want a care-free day. I want to be able to go out and do whatever without being afraid.

lusily (L2) posted Apr 27, 2012


I think you all mom's deserve that kind of Mother's day AND a nice gift. What sort of gift would you like to go along with a day as you described?

erick99 (L3) posted Apr 27, 2012


Alone time! Spa packages... Mani & pedi .. Foot rub for 1 hr... Daisies. ... All chores done ... A hug & a kiss

gangstabarbie (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


A mother's ring with my daughter's name engraved in it and her birthstone. I like the idea of carrying something with me everywhere that reminds me of her. :)

dealwagger (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


I would love to have Gardening items - Organic Dirt, tomato cages, weed fabric, decorative rocks, etc...

FibroMom (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


I could really use a massage....But even a smile I would be happy with. :)

rockinnrolla (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


GODIVA (Definitely NOT Fanny May) and flowers (not picky)!:)

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


Personally, I would love a professional photo of all my children. :)
Maybe breakfast in bed too...L.o.l.

kimeeb (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


Last year, my mom wanted a hand blender. Apparently she really liked it, and the one I got wasn't too expensive (maybe $40).

DanFinance (L0) posted Apr 27, 2012


I have to agree with ganstabarbie.. A day just for me, to pamper my self =)

heyimdennise (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


I ordered hubby an Edible Arrangement for his birthday, will be interesting to see if he gets me one for Mom's Day... I will be about a week postpartum, so I imagine getting a whole half hour for a shower instead of five minutes would be a sufficient gift!

jpanddanielle (L2) posted Apr 27, 2012


A day off. Completely off! Then, when I get home, I want cake and flowers and a clean house ;) (I know...I'm dreaming)

VirginiaPeanuts (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


Well this is my first Mothers Day. Not really sure that I want a material object. I think I just want a fun day with my family and maybe my hubby cook me dinner. :)

ArtemisDeals (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


I hope your first Mother's Day is extra special, Artemis! And, I hope you get a very nice material object, too :)

erick99 (L3) posted Apr 27, 2012


erick, I don't want to sound like a fuddy duddy but I really don't prefer material items. I really would want to just get to sleep as late as I like, to not have to worry about cooking, cleaning, laundry, to not have pick up stuff, and maybe to actually get control over the main tv and have the family watch the shows I like.

If you have to get me some generic "thing", it probably would be a spa gift card for a massage.

The thing I do like about physical gifts is...is when real thought is put into them. Flowers and candy and earrings or something some other woman may like generally don't mean much to me. If you truly know me and can think of something I would like, then you'd probably do good. I like quotes so maybe a quote book, or I like to cook so maybe something new or special for the kitchen. What does the "mom" in your life like? Also, for Mother's Day, it's nice to have kid's make something. Most moms really do treasure those things.

If I recall, you're not married so I'm guessing you're thinking about your own mom. I would say spend some quality time with her and maybe help her with some odd jobs around her house that may be hard for her to do, take her to dinner, etc.

MHT962 (L5) posted Apr 27, 2012


I completely understand MTH962. When I was married I made sure the boys mom got the day off. I did absolutley everything from the time they got up until bedtime. We even left the hosue for a few hours so that she could have the hourse to herself. But, I still like to buy a gift as well and she always got great gifts as well. So, I do understand that first and foremost it should be Mother's Day :)

erick99 (L3) posted Apr 27, 2012


any moms want a 52 year old ...........oh never mind.....

encorez (L0) posted Apr 27, 2012


A massage of course! I'd also like a Mother's necklace with a little person for each child & grandchild. O.K., I cheated & ordered it for myself! I'll let my husband & youngest son wrap it though! 6 charms & counting!

deby32953 (L5) posted Apr 28, 2012