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Money Makers Program Categories Explained with Tips

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If you're new to the money makers program, it may seem a bit daunting all the ways to make some extra cash. This page gives quick overview of each category in the Money Makers program.

This is the plain vanilla way to make money, post awesome deals and you get 0.3¢ ($3 for every 1,000 views) per person that views your deal page. Just make sure your deal isn't a duplicate post by searching for the same deal before you post it. Not all deals show up as a duplicate based on the URL.

Deal Update
This category is similar to Deals, but is intended for updates to existing deals. If a deal was expired or has a new lower price, you can update the deal with the new information and split the earnings with the original poster. The opposite is also true, if you had the original post and someone else updated it with new information, you both would get 0.15¢ (half of 0.3¢) per person that views the deal page. If more than three people have updated the deal with valuable info, only the most recent two people get the money.

Just like the Deals category, but for coupons. Just click on the Coupons tab above the search bar to search for existing coupons before posting.

You receive 0.3¢ per view of your profile page. You can get to your profile page by clicking on your username in the upper right hand corner of the page. Be sure to fill out some info about yourself and follow people who post deals you're interested in.

If you answer a question in the Ask & Share section, you will recieve 0.3¢ per page view if you are the only answer, or if your answer if voted the most helpful. Likewise, you will receive 0.3¢ per view on each of your Pages (like this page). The best advice I have on the Q&A section is to watch for things that you have expertise with and/or look for people who have questions that need a little digging/research and put in the effort to give a quality answer.

You will receive 1-3¢ for every click that you bring to the DP site when you copy and paste the special Money Makers URL and then share it on other sites or embed them in the Widget. This can be done with any deal, not just your own! It is in addition to page views money, so you can double dip if it is your own deal. In order to use the widget, you need to have a webpage were you can input the HTML code generated on this page. You can learn more about using the DP widget here.

Sharing Premium
This is like the sharing category, but you get more money for sharing links to premium rated stores. The store will have a double 'M' circle (mastercard-like) emblem if it is a premium store and qualifies for the higher payout. Look here for more info.

New Coupons
You get a 30¢ bonus every time you share a new coupon for a store that doesn't have any coupons listed yet. Here is the list of stores that don't have coupons yet. This 30¢ bonus is on top of your regular 0.3¢ per page view money!

If you have this category available to you it means that you will receive 30¢ per comment you make on any deal. Your comment need to be helpful and informative to qualify, not just "great find!". You are limited to the number of paid posts you can post per day (usually 10 per day).

Featured Pages
Earn 0.3¢ per page view for any posting in the Pages section, with an addional $5 one-time bonus if your page is picked as a featured page. This category works similar to a regular deals post, but is for information driven posts like "How-to" articles, shopping tips and tricks, and other creative ways to help people save money. Try looking at Sites like, and for inspiration.

Hopefully that helps get you started! A great place to look next for answers is the general MM Help Page. You can also post a new question in the Ask & Share section, or post a comment on this page.

maven3 posted Feb 01, 2012

Thanks for the write up. This is a great reference.

I think the amount of comments per day differ for each user. As for me I can only submit 10 paid comments, while I've heard of some that can submit even more than 15. I think it takes a certain level of activity and consistency to give more comments (at least that is what I have been told by the support team). I am not sure what level of activity and consistency I need to increase the amount of comments I can make, but I will continue staying active and hopefully I can increase my comment limit.

jasoned (rep: 8.9k) posted Feb 05, 2012


Thanks jasoned, I revised the write up accordingly.

maven3 (rep: 5.2k) posted Feb 05, 2012