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more work from home jobs..

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Ok guys, let's put our heads together... What are some more work from home jobs? First, I'm going to tell you a little about myself  (for anyone who cares to know). I'm 22 years old, I'm an Army Wife and mother of two. We are stationed here in Germany, my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan but comes home in a few weeks YIPPIE! With that being said money will be tight... Again! And finding jobs here is non-existnt Any work from home ideas? I love DP but want to no other options as well. I have made a nice bit of change this month which is exciting! Most wives here have their own HBB ( home based businesses) like, selling Scentsy, Passion Party items, Pampered Chef etc! I don't want a HBB where I have to sell things because I would have to go though customs etc. so, any ideas?? we could all help each other out here, clearly we all like to make money from home, well if you're doing the MM Program it's evident. I've tried surveys, pp click...almost everything you could think of... TIA DP USERS! 
mikhaila posted Apr 26, 2012

I like doing online surveys, Pinecone Research is the easiest for the money. You get $3 per survey every time and get to do product evaluations--I've gotten 2 weeks+ of free product twice so far. I also do Valued Opinions where you have to accumulate "money" to redeem for gift cards and Synovate where you accumulate points and cash out when you reach $5. You definitely end up earning less for those two, but in the end it's not too bad.

dealwagger (rep: 10.3k) posted Apr 26, 2012


My father was in the army and we were stationed in Benjamin Franklin Village in Manehiem from 1963 to about 1967. I was only about nine when we left for Ft.Detrick in Maryland (he retired from there) but I have some great memories from living in Germany. I hope you are enjoying your time there.

Your situation is somewhat complicated by the fact that you live in Germany. So, rather than make specific suggestions that might be a bit geography-dependent, I have some ideas for you based on what I do to earn extra income.

I am a single dad. I am an adjunct professor at two colleges and have a third job working one-on-one with an autistic young man (that's about eight hours a week). Until I finish my doctorate my income is probably going to continue to be rather low so I am always looking for ways to make more money.

I've found it easier to think of 10 ways to make $100 a month than one way to make $1,000 a month. First, I steal ideas :) For example, I recently read of a man who collects up discarded vacuum cleaners from "bulk trash night" in his area. He cleans them up, makes any minor repairs, and sells them on CraigsList. Since my brother-in-law already goes around to these I asked him to gather up vacuum cleaners for me. I got my first batch yesterday of three vacuum cleaners and one carpet shampooer. All four work well and only need some cleaning. So, that should net about $150.

I am an electronics hobbyist and when lots of fire/police/ems systems went to all-digital systems I found that most people that buy digital scanners can't program them so I took some cheap business cards to local Radio Shacks and now I get $25 to program scanners. I have the software (a $30 investment) and the templates I need. In most cases I can program a scanner in about ten minutes.

I do minor computer/network stuff in my neighborhood and county for about $50/hr.

I earn money here on DP.

I do a little mystery shopping though that pays awful.

My weather website earns anywhere from $30 to $300 (Christmas) in Amazon referral fees. I ask my friends and family to click on an Amazon link on my website before they buy anything from Amazon. This is a very local website that gets 40 hits on a good day.

I've made very simple websites for two local businesses. They were each quote several thousand dollars to get a lot more than they wanted. I built each website for $300 and I charge about $15 per month to maintain. Most months, neither client has any updates or need.

Mostly, I turn my interests and skills into ways to make a few bucks here and there. Most months I make about $1,000 from these small enterprises.

Anyway, think about what you know how to do and don't undersell yourself - you have lots of pockets of knowledge that you can convert into money. People that have money are willing to pay someone else to do a task rather than invest the time to learn how to do it once. That makes sense to me. Why spend hours learning how to program a scanner just to do it once for yourself?

Anyway, think small. Lots of small stuff adds up quickly.

Good luck!!


erick99 (rep: 432k) posted Apr 26, 2012


^lols erick99 is a jack of all trades=P

MrBklynW (rep: 426k) posted Apr 27, 2012


thank you for sharing Eridck.

mdgirl (rep: 7.1k) posted Apr 27, 2012


haha agreed MrBklynW Eric is all full of knowledge! Great responses guys!! Thanks alot!

mikhaila (rep: 2k) posted Apr 27, 2012


Well I just started to try this one 2 days ago.

So far I am not sure how I like it. It takes some work. Its completely free. Basically once you are set up you just have to refer people. Its $20 per referral.

I did ALOT of research on ZNZ before I started to make sure it wasn't a scam. Which its not. But I think the only places you can do it at are US, CA and UK.

As soon as I get further into I will let you guys know if it is really worth doing or not. And if anyone else has heard of it or doing it any input would be great.

ArtemisDeals (rep: 7.2k) posted Apr 27, 2012


erick99: That's very inspiring, and make me feel I should get off my duff and start making some extra money with what I know. I've done a bit of computer repair & restore, but I spend way too much time doing it in an OCD-like manner, and always give a flat fee quote because no one is going to pay for 10 hours at any rate because it would be cheaper for them to just get a new computer.

It's also inspiring that a doctoral candidate has no problem getting his hands quite literally dirty. It reminds me of when I was in high school and someone introduced me to Mr. So-and-so, Ph.D. "Wow", I asked, "what does a Ph.D. do for a living?" Without hesitation, the doctor answered "Pump gas"!

fluffy (rep: 2.2k) posted Apr 27, 2012


I found some great work from home resources that you might not have thought of like start your own mystery shopping business. Find out how you can do that and many more ideas at

ijchapman (new user) posted May 03, 2012


You can sell Tupperware purely online! No shipping to you just enter an online party, "hostesses" invite their friends and family thru email invites, and they all order online from a link they are sent connecting them to her party...product ships directly to in your bank account. you can do online fundraisers the same way...and it then also opens it up for doining online parties for your friends there in make 25% of orders...more info? contact me at

ruth7inman (new user) posted Jul 29, 2012