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My Coupon Tips

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1. Save all the ad inserts from your Sunday paper. 2. Save all the coupons (ones that you'll use) that you get through the mail. 3. Keep a binder/bag/whatever to store the coupons and save them until they expire. 4. Buy in bulk for those items that can be stored. 5. Be on the lookout for triple coupon events (or double) at local grocery stores. We had a local store that did a triple coupon event and I ended up paying about $70 for around $300 worth of groceries. 6. Take the coupons that are sitting around the store and keep them. You never know when that item will go on sale and you can get it for even cheaper. 7. Read the weekly store ad and write out a plan of attack for your purchases. 8. Know when certain items go on sale (meats/grilling items, beer and soft drinks go on sale around holidays, etc.) and stock up.
indianapoliseate posted Jun 23, 2011