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My not so extreme BUT easy way to save and earn money by shopping around, using coupons and using the app Field Agent.

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I always try purchase items I use while it is on sale so I shop around from store to store. I am very lucky to have many stores, malls etc. near me. I collect coupons for items I use and items I may try for the first time and see where I can get them for the best price or even free. So that has me a several stores, but I plan accordingly and I am happy with my success rate thus far. I recently got an iPhone and found this very useful app called Field Agent. It claimed to be the "First App that pays you"!! I was hesitant at first, however a few months in I have made several hundred dollars while shopping by taking photos and answering questions about different products in the store I was already going to be in. Walmart, Target, Sams Club, CVS, Best Buy,Stop & Shop and a few local grocery stores are just a few examples of the stores I have used this great app in. Often you get opportunities at home answer questions about products you use at home, so simple and you don't even have to leave the house, walk anywhere or talk to anyone on the phone. Compensation range varies but I can say I have done 3 different task from home and made $26.50. So that is my personal tip on extreme savings. Stores are getting strict with coupon policy's as some people really do go to the extreme. I fear one day coupons will be gone, or we will be very limited on what, where and how we can use them. I do shop around, I do use coupons when available, but now I added Field Agent to my saving money routine. They pay me to do simple task, no questions, no limits. I never made easier money while shopping. If you like to save money and earn money then this app is for you! I do not make money from this link below I am sharing it for everyone to try, so please don't say I am spamming the site. The goal is to share your tips, this is my tip. I use this app and hope everyone tries this app as I am very satisfied!! **I made another $42.00 this weekend!! If you have an Iphone you should try it once if you don't find jobs in your area, no time or just don't like it you can delete the free app.**
branie posted Jul 09, 2011

A minus for an app that pays you?? Now that is interesting!!

branie (rep: 129k) posted Jul 09, 2011


This is a good post. Whoever thumbed it down should be spanked. Plussed.

becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted Jul 14, 2011


Thanks becky457 :)

branie (rep: 129k) posted Jul 14, 2011