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My Online Shopping Tips

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1. Know what you're looking for - whether it be electronics, home improvement or a new diet, google it! (or any search engine will do) 2. Price check, find reviews and compare - some items have MANY brand names so choose the one that best suits your needs & budget. Again, google is great for price checking and locating reviews. Pricegrabber and Sazze are 2 other great sites. 3. Decide WHERE to buy - Safe/Secure sites are ALWAYS number one on my list. I like to use reloadable $ cards for online buying - it also helps me stick to my budget. 4. Combine Coupons with Sales - just like at the grocery store, coupons are your friend. Dealsplus has been a great time saver with "new coupon" email notifications. Some sites (sorry) like Retailmenot offer addons for browsers to alert you of coupons when you open a site page. 5. Stay informed - Sign up for newsletters and emails notifications as many sites offer awesome "new customer" discounts, free shipping and/or even free gifts.
omegafemale posted Jun 26, 2011

good info. One other thing- if you have the time or wanna make the extra effort, sometimes the item you want can be found in-store marked down pretty low. But you wont be able to use an online coupon. *at least I havent found that any stores will accept them even if you bring it up on your phone.

Brentheriot (rep: 64.9k) posted Jun 26, 2011


That's why I recommend "staying informed." Newsletter coupons already have the necessary info as well as most sites.

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Jun 27, 2011


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nacklace (new user) posted Jul 04, 2011