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Need Help plsssssss

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I bought this and submitted the rebate. But i forgot to make a copy of the UPC of " Total Defense Premium Internet Security". Now the rebate people lost the original UPC and are asking me for a copy which i did not make.

If anyone who bought this or any other deal with "Total Defense Premium Internet Security", can please email me a scanned copy of the UPC for "Total Defense Premium Internet Security". My email is

Please someone help me. This is a matter of $70.

I will edit the copy of the UPC so that it has the serial of my product.

Thanks in advance
hzs11112 posted Apr 23, 2013

That is why I HATE Rebates!! When you go to claim them they ALWAYS come up with a reason NOT to pay the rebate to you!! This happened to me everytime I got a new cell phone with a rebate and it was always denied until I called them and told them I had copies of EVERYTHING, and then they conveniently said "Oh, OK we will go ahead and approve this rebate for processing"!! They always try to NOT pay out the rebate whenever possible.

krmills1 (rep: 14.3k) posted Apr 23, 2013


I've done quite many Tigerdirect rebates and not once had I any problems. And I never even made copies of anything. I didn't do any of the Total Defense crap rebates though. If I were you, I would just tell them it's their fault for losing it. And isn't this rebate based on your subscription to the service anyway? Good luck either way.

baldieee09 (rep: 4.6k) posted Apr 23, 2013


wouldn't you just have to give them the security number or whatever to show proof that you bought, that and maybe a copy of the receipt from credit card. That should be legal right?

LilRed77 (rep: 7.4k) posted Apr 23, 2013


I have had this experience before. Call them directly and tell them about your case and they will refund or send back the rebate.

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Apr 24, 2013


i will call them today. Thanks for the suggestion guys. No more online rebates for me

hzs11112 (rep: 481) posted Apr 24, 2013