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Never use Groupon again!

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I recently purchased a $12 worth of $48 at vistaprint on groupon. I was advised to use a special link to check out so I can enter the promo code. That "link" had prices jacked up and I wasn't really getting a deal. When I didn't use the link I had better promotional deals and plus I was able to use free shipping coupons and plus an additional 25% off!

I really got duped. Beware of these living social / groupon deals. It's such a scam. How is it a deal when they want you to use a different link to shop and all the prices have been increased?!  And they won't let you stack coupons???

So I paid $12 + $10 (shipping) worth of two lousy t shirts and a cup worth "$60"!!! 

gangstabarbie posted Feb 05, 2013