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New Changes: Amazing !! We keep growing DP

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Family greetings!!

I love innovation and changes! They are great the new look that little by little the DP programmers are taking. It was about time that they gave this gift to this huge discount platform that has been active for more than 10 years.

I liked the main banner with where are popular offers, I ask the offers that are shown there, what characteristics should they have?, I imagine that now that will be the objective of all to get the best offers so that they are in that main banner and the first view of clients using DP.

I also liked that now on the page of each profile the rows now contain 5 offers and we can see more deals !! I'm still visually getting used to the new lyrics but it's super cool !!

Keep it up guys, I like being a part of this community and seeing that they make changes to improve their performance.

I am anxious to see the final result of all these changes, I know they are still missing !!

Congratulations to the entire DP staff for this new look.
BurnsE (L4) posted Aug 18, 2020

I agree! The modern look is captivating. The feature banner draws you in to search and explore deals. Well done DP Staff and Programmers.

pgarcia2484 (L3) posted Aug 18, 2020


If that new banner is great, it makes the experience more visual for DP clients.

I would like the profiles of each MM to make similar more visual changes, similar to Facebook pages.

BurnsE (L4) posted Aug 18, 2020


Great changes with a modernized look! :)

isuruupekshe (L1) posted Aug 19, 2020


Yes, I agree that the new layout is very appealing! Good select categories each show a few of the latest deals with a link to see more.

However, the 4 highlighted "Store News" posts are not recent, they are from 2017-January 2020! When you click on "See All" you do see newer posts, but it seems the highlighted stories are not selected from recently posted news.

DealBuster2 (L4) posted Aug 19, 2020


I'm new here but notice the changes, I think I like it, it's cool

jersonlb20 (L1) posted Aug 20, 2020


Thank you for everyone's positive feedabck. We are working on minor details & will continue to work on other areas.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 20, 2020