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new changes on the page!!

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I am noticing the new changes, it is great that even in these strong moments they continue to innovate and add new functions, I congratulate DP team.

  • The first thing I noticed was the button to add offers now is a little bigger and more striking next to the Cashback balance. I still tend to get confused and seek to press the old location.

  • The other was the button "+ Add Chrome Extension" located below the main row where the small image of the MM is. Recall that the cashbak option is, so to speak, the main income of DP and by placing this more visible it forces users to install the extension, also for this DP earns income for each download Google pays an amount of money in addition to the percentage obtained by being affiliated with various retailers, that a percentage is destined to the user who makes the purchase.

  • The other change that I could see is that the arrow next to the profile photo is now smaller or more delicate, the alerts are no longer so visible without the red color.

  • In the section of each store now a banner appears offering promoting the chrome extension, as it is seen that the DP team needs users to download this add-on hehe.

    If you saw another change, comment below.
  • BurnsE (L4) posted Mar 09, 2021

    Very good

    m02sarmiento (L1) posted Mar 09, 2021


    Looks yummy :P

    juliesasha9 (L2) posted Mar 09, 2021



    As mentioned, I'm going to work with MMs to modify/create the Money Maker Guideline. Still waiting for a few more MM's responses. Will announce the new guideline soon.

    I will share your feedback with our UI/UX designer. :)

    Thank you

    Notbad (L5) posted Mar 09, 2021


    @Notbad New design and feature looks good. I noticed a problem on mobile , when pages put into desktop mode , I can only see 4 of 5 deals horizontally , can not view the 5th deal . I believe deals 5 deals are arranged in a row. I'm not sure whether other users face the same problem, the problem appears in best of week page and heating up pages.

    prince16pream (L3) posted Mar 09, 2021


    @prince16pream, everything looks ok on my end. (checked with my iPhone)

    Can you tell me more bout "desktop mode?" I've also checked with multiple browsers.

    Let me know. Thank you

    Notbad (L5) posted Mar 10, 2021

    Light Deals

    Hi @Notbad, can I give you feedback on desktop mode.

    The only detail of the main page is that sometimes it takes time to load the sections.

    There is a detail that the popular deals section, previously there were 2 rows of 5 offers with the option to slide to see more, now 6 to 7 rows appear, which makes for the user not so attractive, of the rest I do not see any other details in the main section.

    Another detail is that sometimes when a comment is made on an deal, it is not uploaded and has to be commented until it appears.

    Regarding the mobile section or seen from phones, it depends on the cell phone model and the browser when it is requested to view in desktop mode, those errors can happen that you see 4 and not 5 offers in rows. What I recommend is to adjust the Zoom of the page so that it is seen correctly.

    I hope my comments help you.

    Light Deals (L2) posted Mar 11, 2021


    Light Deals,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    We are collecting data on new changes we've made on the homepage. Based on the user's behavior, we will make additional adjustments accordingly.

    To prevent spammers, the system will not publish all comments, mostly from level 1 users.

    Regarding the mobile version, we will continue to work on it.

    Notbad (L5) posted Mar 11, 2021


    I'm an Android user ( iPhone users please not today just let me be 😂😂) I can't even relate to What's going on when it comes on to the new features. It's a fact that mobile users tend to be at a slight disadvantage when viewing any site as not all information is readily available to mobile users compared to using a Computer or Laptop.

    Saying that to say it's best to use a Computer or a laptop to see the beauty of the site and to view all features. :) P.S I prefer using my phone though :)

    stewartcherek (L3) posted Mar 12, 2021


    Hello, for the phone version, I could recommend that improve the APP and update it since its latest version is from May 20, 2019.

    could include the option that the MM can do everything that is executed via browser and add unique options of the App to make it more attractive, so DP could have extra income and more downloads of the app.

    princess32cre (L1) posted Mar 13, 2021



    Yes, developing/improving the DP app is a part of our plan. Planning to proceed after completing the web & mobile web version first.

    Notbad (L5) posted Mar 17, 2021