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New design for deals !!

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I really like that in these times even DP dedicates time to improve his website! Congratulations on the new look of the deals.

But I have some observations:

1. This new look of the deals is perfect for the phone version.
2. In the computer version it is still difficult for me to get used to it, the size of the icons and the section to edit must still improve. Also the image of the offers should be placed a little bigger as they were before.
3. I see that all the offers say free shipping, by default this word is.
4. The box of the stores with their logo is still very small, they should improve that.
5. When editing a deal the box to write is very small and it is uncomfortable to write more if you use Html code.

The most that I liked were the emojis and that now you see more offers from the same store that you are seeing.

A recommendation to the staff, I see that next to the name of the MM the level was placed in red, because they do not classify each level with a different color or a badge for each level would be super cool. !
BurnsE (L4) posted Sep 20, 2020

Hello BurnsE,

Thank you for your feedback and I will share this message with our UI/UX designer. :)

Notbad (L5) posted Sep 21, 2020



baskotahemant (L1) posted Oct 05, 2020