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New Guideline for New & Updated Deals (Money Makers)

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New Deal & Approve for Payment

What defines a New Deal:
  • N1. What's not currently on DealsPlus.com and is from an approved store
  • N1a. Admins/Mods will use the Deal ID# for a tiebreaker
  • N2. A sale or product with a new promo code
  • N2a. MM can submit a new deal or update original post - First deal* will be honored
  • N3. A new sale without a promo code and with or without an expiration date
  • N3a. i.e. H&M or Gymboree's new sale with different sale title
  • N3b. MM can submit new or update old - First deal* will be honored
  • N4. Specific categories (different landing page) from a larger sale
  • N5. Individual products from a larger sale (only if that product is not already available on DealsPlus, otherwise, please update the existing deal)
  • N6. Same product, news, or event from a different source (Amazon vs. Walmart) will be considered as a unique deal
  • N6a. Admin/Mod will honor the first submitted/updated deal, if FP
  • N7. Seasonal/Annual deal: New Year, New Deal, (i.e. Valentine's day, Halloween sale) - MM can submit a new deal or update the original post. Admins/Mods will honor the First Deal*
*Time new deal was submitted or time original post was updated

Note 1: Buried Deal: once a deal is buried, you can no longer update. Please search for the original deal or create new.

Note 2: Please submit a new deal or update existing/old with:
  • A clear and relevant image (500 x 500)
  • A lack of cooperation may lead to a lower user level
  • 1st: Warning Message Sent
  • 2nd: Level Down

Deal Update & Approved for Payment

What defines a Deal Update:
  • U1. Adding expiration dates to currently valid deals, including extending expiration dates
  • U1a. Note: Adding a wrong or approx. the expiration date may lead to a Warning Message
  • U2. Update/Mark unexpired ongoing deals (some are always the same and some are on & off)
  • U2a. Examples include: restaurant promotions, ice cream offers, Home Depot Weekend event, monthly promotions
  • U2b. Updating original post (OP) will be honored over submitting new
  • U2c. If a new deal was submitted before an old deal was updated, the mod will ask MM who summited the new deal to make a small edit for payment approval (50:50).
  • U2d. Strongly encourage MMs to search first before submitting
  • U3. Significant price drops - Admin/Mod will decide
  • U4. Addition of coupon code: i.e. additional discount code, free shipping (default free shipping doesn't count)
  • U5. Addition of mail-in rebate form/link
  • U6. Addition of significant shipping fee
  • U7. Bringing back a FP deal (more than 1-month-old)
  • U8. "Back Again" only when a deal was expired or out of stock
  • U8a. Do not expire an existing deal to mark it as "Back Again" - may lead to a Warning Message

Updates Unlikely to be Approved - Your effort will be noted by Admin/Mod (Potential Level Up)
  • Expiring deals
  • A reminder of an existing deal: please use the comment section to remind Admin/Mod
  • Bringing bank a non-FP deal: Admin/Mod may remove your update info
  • Significant price increase
  • Change/update title or description
  • If a deal is brought back with "Back Again" without major changes, Admins/Mods will consider it as "a reminder of the existing deal."
  • A small change in price on deals: Admin/Mod may remove your update info

Reminder: These updated rules will not cover all possible deal submissions. Admin/Mod will do their best to make the fairest decision possible. If the same conflicts continue, we will add/update the existing rules.

Thank you for your daily contributions and continued cooperation.

Last Updated: 8/21/18
Notbad (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018

Hello, @warunamail @blackfoot @EzzyLovesToSave @kimeeb @Nellysg @Mia4You @themoneyman1113 @branie @FibroMom @WordNerd,

Please take a look at this new guideline and let me know if you guys have any question.

Please feel free to invite other active MM.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018


I personally don't like just adding exp date for Deal update credit (U1). That will cause problem w/ almost all macys, costco and jcp deals. But if MM don't add exp date can give a warning and level down.

warunamail (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018


Noted @warunamail.

Other than that, do you think this new guideline will resolve most of the problems you have encountered in the past few months?

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018


You added really good points here. But I don't think it will solve lot of problems. We can add more problems as comment then Mods and other MM can comment how we solve it.

warunamail (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018


Wow. I will need a glass of wine to review the new guidelines :) May I ask what level up/down is all about?

branie (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018


Oh I see you level up and down for behaving and following directions?

branie (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018



Yes, as of now most of MMs are at Level 5. And we are planning to launch a few different promotional Money Maker offers in near future.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018



Really? We went back to almost all messages that you & other MMs sent Admins/Mods when there was an issue. And that's how we created this guideline. Didn't expect you to say it will not solve a lot of problems. But yes, that's what I said at the end, I would like to create/update these rules with MMs

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 01, 2018


So are we eliminating the ID # rule? If I posted a deal on feb. 2018 and it still hasn't expired and someone else posts the deal on march 2nd and the terms are the same but they have a different wording in the title do they get to keep the deal or do I keep mine cause It was the op deal.
The way you have this new deal thing worded it implies that ID #'s no longer matter and it's gonna go by what time the deal was posted or updated. But since we can't see when the deal was posted 1st or updated this leaves us in a precarious situation and I see problems/abuse. I hope you're gonna clarify the wording

blackfoot (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018



If a deal was FP,
Under rule U2a-d. for an existing deal, if conditions are the same, updating OP will be honored over posting new.

If a deal was not FP,
"A reminder of existing deal: please use the comment section to remind Admin/Mod" is listed under Updates Unlikely to be Approved,

ID# rule is still applicable when two new deals are submitted almost at the same time.

Having said that,
1) What wording would clarify this situation? We will consider your suggestion.
2) Assuming the rest of rules are clear & fair?

Let me know.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018


Some times MM update deal price, even small price hike (not price drop) If it posted within 1 month, Do they still get price update credit? (I really like the rule U7)

Side note to Blackfoot comment, some deals don't have exp date (for eg: Walmart valentine day deals, summer clearance, ect) Then when u post the same deal next year still u should update last year deal? Everything is same but we know these r seasonal sales and exp at one time of the year.

Deals like Gap deals, MM create new deals just using card member coupons. But if the deal for all customer post first shouldn't they update the first post for deal update credit?

warunamail (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018


Is there any reason why Mods don't delete dup deals (rather than burring it) ? If Mods delete dup deals things get lot easier. Otherwise when we update the deal we can't find which deal is original deal. According to new rules first updated deal will be promoted. If we update the duplicate deal first then the OP will lose the deal update credit.

warunamail (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018



For your 1st comment:
- that would be based on the popularity of the deal (since our priority is DP community). If it was FP & super popular, Admins/mods will approve for credit. If not, we will not approve for the credit nor update the deal: show more of what's good & less of what not.

- For seasonal deals you've mentioned, my suggestion would be New Year, New Deal. I will add this to our Potential New Rule list & discuss with other Admins/Mods.

- We will honor general codes over personal or member codes

For your 2nd comment:
- There are a few different reasons, but I will add this suggestion to our Potential New Rule list and discuss with the team as well as IT Dept.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018


Thank you, Notbad! Finally.....a detailed guide to updating deals and dupes! Now I won't have to show the DP staff my "ugly" side with some of the comments you and other staff members have received over the past year when I was clueless as to why a deal was buried or why I was asked to add details to an existing deal!:)~~
I was impressed that now deals with clearly marked expiration dates will will now be noted! I feel that adds integrity to the DP site as well.
I appreciate all that you and the other staff members are doing to improve the site!

EzzyLovesToSave (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018



Thank you.

As mentioned, this new guideline doesn't cover everything and hope we can continue to work together to create the best MM guideline possible.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018


@Notbad, No I'm not ok with all the new rules as they are posted. I'm gonna need another day to look it all over carefully. I'm still tired from lack of sleep and my brain isn't cooperating very well today. I will get back to you via message once I have looked them over again with a clear head.

blackfoot (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018



Sure, take your time.

As requested before, what wording would clarify this situation? We will consider your suggestion.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 02, 2018


Updated with additional rules

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 07, 2018



sonialily (L1) posted Aug 16, 2018


Last modified 8/21/18

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 21, 2018


Just in case :)

Notbad (L5) posted Apr 18, 2019


Got it.

Cellphexl (L1) posted Apr 21, 2019


Reminder for everyone,

Thank you for your daily contribution & support!

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 27, 2019


Noted... thank you for this information very clear 👌

stewartcherek (L3) posted Oct 08, 2019


Thank you for this detailed guidelines

pnslakshmi_12 (L3) posted Oct 18, 2019


Thank you for the information👌

Sharilemard (L1) posted Nov 01, 2019


Thank you for the tips, I will pay attention to

Skybluel01 (L1) posted Nov 15, 2019


How soon before a deal starts can we post it?

kimeeb (L5) posted Nov 27, 2019


How long does it take to verify when we post a deal?

oohfancy (L1) posted Jan 04, 2020



henrypham (L1) posted Feb 09, 2020


Looking forward to improve my Money Maker analytics. ;)

EnsoSalesman (L2) posted Apr 12, 2020



isurumadusank (L1) posted May 10, 2020


Why my deal prompt:Sorry, this deal has been BURIED and can't be updated!
How can my deal not be BURIED, how can I display it normally,please help me!

864470587liu (L1) posted May 17, 2020


Thank you for this!

Ashleighbw04 (L1) posted May 20, 2020


Thank you for this!

fannymo0928 (L1) posted May 29, 2020


New Rule to Add: Same product with a different color(s) are considered duplicate

Notbad (L5) posted Jun 03, 2020


Hey Notbad,
Is it considered a duplicate when then price of a same product with a different color is different from one another? Hope you will clarify my problem. Than you in advance! :) Cheers!

isuruupekshe (L1) posted Jul 08, 2020


Thank you

ademaroo (L1) posted Aug 07, 2020


Hello, I have a question and I would like you to help me.

Is it valid to create an offer that groups several offers from the same store? For example, if a store has 4 different offers with 4 different codes, each one offers a percentage and is applied to various categories.

In this case, which expiration date should be placed in the offer if the 4 codes have different dates, in my opinion the expiration date that should be placed is the one of the coupon that has the longest effective date.

1st coupon expires 8/11
2nd Coupon expires 8/13
3rd coupon expires 8/15
4th coupon expires 8/18

What is the expiration date of the offer?

princess32cre (L1) posted Aug 11, 2020


- If you decided to create one deal with all 4 coupons, exp date should be 8/18
- If the deal performs well, admin will re-front the same deal on the starting date of a new coupon
- You can always add comment to remind the start date for a new coupon.

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 13, 2020


Thank you very much for your reply.

I updated an offer several days ago and put the expiration date in the correct way as you suggest, putting the date of the code that has the longest duration. However, an MM had my credits taken away and I advocate that the date had to be the first code that expires much earlier.

The offer that I updated was: https://www.dealsplus.com/apparel-accessories_deals/p_25-70-off-clearance-blowout-deals-extra-10-20-off (the comments I leave are still maintained)

Since I did well how we do so that my credits are returned from the period I did the update, since I did the update well.

It is important that all moderators use the same rules because in this offer an administrator says the opposite of what you suggest and says that the expiration date is that of the coupon that expires much earlier.

I leave here the offer with the comment of an admin (DealsorNoDeals) makes the comment:

princess32cre (L1) posted Aug 16, 2020


There are pros & cons of doing one or the other. However, if we use the expiration date if the first code > once the deal expire > users will not be able to take advnatage of the rest of offers/codes.

Moving forward, please use the following rules for a sale with more than one codes:
- Always use the expiration date of the Site-wide (main) code
- Other category/product specific code can be mention within the deal description, but be sure to indicate its expiration date next to each code.

Thank ou

Notbad (L5) posted Aug 18, 2020


thanks for valuable informatiion

shafiq1 (L1) posted Sep 17, 2020


I have a question @Notbad; In the post dated June 03, 2020 you say that "the same product but different color is considered a duplicate offer" in the case of the 6PM store where sometimes the product has different colors but different prices, is it also classified as a duplicate?

wwhite0203 (L1) posted Sep 26, 2020


Even if they are offered at a different price point, lead admins will consider them as duplicate. As advised, try not to submit too many similar deals from the same store.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Sep 28, 2020


thanks @Notbad for the information

wwhite0203 (L1) posted Oct 23, 2020


I don’t understand how to publish discount information. Where can the information I share be displayed? Is the administrator or a good sharer helping me? Thank you very much

margaretjhill (L1) posted 24 days ago


got it :)

niteshdhital1 (L1) posted 2 days ago