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New members and followers

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So many new members to DP, I have had like 200 hundred followers added in the past few months. I do however feel they have joined in a time where DP is not at it's finest.  So I hope some stay and enjoy all the great savings everyone shares here and try to find some great deals of their own to share. What you see here lately in my opinion is not typical and I still have hope we see some changes happen soon as this place has been one hot mess lately. Just my opinion, we got to get everyone participating in some way shape or form.  Posting deals is fine, but we need more ways to participate so it doesn't feel like we are all competing for the same prize....Not everyone is a champion in the same sport, we gotta add more to this site so EVERYONE has a chance to make a few dollars in the MM program or this fighting will continue or perhaps get worse with the addition of hundreds of new members all fighting for the few actually GREAT deals that we honestly have no chance posting because of a very active member(s) which I am ok with( AS THOSE MEMBERS HAVE FOUND SOME AMAZING DEALS AND FREEBIES WHICH MANY HAVE BENEFITED FROM) but at the same time, what about the rest of us members? 

idk, I am optimist so I am hanging in there, I hope everyone else does as well. This is a great site..
branie posted Sep 12, 2013

yeah this is really a GREAT GREAT SITE!!! ♥

alicepattinson (rep: 130) posted Sep 13, 2013


Yes it's a great deal site with lots of deals updated every second.

nanny22 (rep: 1.6k) posted Sep 13, 2013


this is a weird "deals" site ..I am new here just started posting deals for the heck of it...this is a PLUS site with a few deals :)

DealSeekers (rep: 33k) posted Sep 15, 2013