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New Site Features (More to come!)

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If you haven't noticed we've been rolling out a few changes to the site and just wanted to give you guys an update and a heads up on what's to come.

First, let's talk about some of the recent changes. The new front page which is based on "Saves" should give a much more transparent view of what's trending on the site and paint a picture of the very best deals currently available. Stay tuned for more features that will make it easier for everyone to find and "Save" the offers they love.

Next, we need to announce that there will no longer be a "freebies" or "news" category on dealsplus.com. We are moving in a direction that puts a strong emphasis on social shopping rather than freebies or news. We've been bombarded with fake freebies and fraudulent offers that affect dealsplus.com' reputation, and have decided to remove the categories and bury most freebies and news articles. 

We look forward to introducing new features to complement the current changes. We think you guys are going to like them too, so stay tuned for more!
Acarone (Mod) posted Mar 25, 2013

Just got the email and I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to make changes. I still hold firm that we need self moderation at the user level and the ability for users to not only promote deals by "saving or plussing" but also the ability to simply see and item and say "that is not a deal" and negatively rate it. I understand the concern is about quarrels and how people already thumb down posts here because they dont like some or for whatever reason and not based on the merit of the item or submission. However the other leading deal sites accomplish this with very little problems. So it can be done. We have an issue here with over submission and posting retail priced items so MM's can cash in with no consideration of the quality of the item or the price of the item based on historical and retail prices.

I do appreciate the changes made so far. Very well done and I for one am extremely pleased to see the news section gone. That had no place here to begin with. However while I am not a fan of freebies what would a deal site be without sharing freebies? That has always been the fuel for all that is deal hunting.

Well done, keep up the good work.

Acidbaby (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


Got the email too, appreciate you keeping an eye out for us and trying to reduce the fraud/scam freebies. Some of them just seemed suspicious outright.

cid681 (L1) posted Mar 25, 2013


Freebies are why I joined dealsplus. I heard about dealsplus on a coupon site where someone glowingly mentioned that you can find freebies posted here that run out of offers before they would even show up on another website. There is certainly abuse of the Freebies section but I wonder if a "strikes" model would work better?

Question about "Saves": can we plus ("save") a deal if we didn't buy it but would? For example, I have plenty of toothpaste so if I find a good deal on toothpaste I would normally not buy it but will still plus it. Or I'll see a price I would pay on a kid's toy but not have room in my budget for it but still plus it.

dealwagger (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


I like the new features too. I'm intrigued now to see what other features will be introduced.

zoneric (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


@Acidbaby - I agree with you. the users with the most "friends" on the site will have the most pluses (saves) on their deals, regardless if the deal is GOOD or BAD. it would be great if there was a way to negatively rate a deal.

zoneric (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


dw you can save a deal any time. Its basically now taking over for plusses it seems. Just means you like the deal. But on the other hand I used the heating up section and did a thumbs down on some deals and it still saved them to my profile. So its like any activity on a deal will save it to your profile.

Acidbaby (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


@dealwagger Good question about saves! You can save a deal, look at your profile, and you will see the deal under "Saved Deals." You can also see this feature if you click "Saved Coupons" and you will see a "Saved Deals" tab. You don't have to buy right away, but you can easily come back to it later.

tr1plication (L2) posted Mar 25, 2013


BTW your hottest deal right now is a freebie. https://www.dealsplus.com/freebies/p_scott-shared-values-get-a-free-roll-of-our-new-scott

IMO what you should do is take away this ask and share. And put up a message board similiar to slickdeals. Have various categories for posting those kinds of deals. Free Magazine, other freebies, contests. General chat forum. Help forums. Etc etc. Keeps the clutter off the main page and also gives the social aspect youre looking for.

Acidbaby (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


i miss the news section. You could find news that other sites don't mention.

solowkoe (L2) posted Mar 25, 2013


But I also want to be able to post good products that are not necessarily on sale, but is the very lowest price for that item, because I use this site as my personal shopping aid. If I need a ball chair, then I can find the lowest price they go for when searching on the site. [Some products never go on a big discount]

dddsss (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


In my opinion excluding News and Freebie are not good options, instead why cant the MODS filter the real good news that benefits costumers.

And as far as i know most of the people love freebie section so better manage the freebie section than rather to wipe it out.

I also like to request mods, if possible to let us know changes every time there is some change in dealpl.us. That way do one needs to worry about posting error or vanishing the deals they posted.

Last but not the least, thanks a lot for this message of changes.

Thanks MOD and Thanks Sazze....

Dexterous (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


@Acarone Since there is no longer a Freebie section, would it be inappropriate to post subscriptions under Magazine and label it 'Free' ?

chuckydealpl (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


I agree w/ acidbaby about putting up a section for freebies since they will be taken off deals pages.

Some sites like Walmart, Target, Marlboro amongst others, are reputable and do deliver as promised on their freebies as advertised and shouldn't be missed.

blackfoot (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


I like Acidbaby's idea of having a forum with different sections, rather than an ask and share section.

bbattag (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


and maybe a separate box for codes where to put the exclusions that apply? because sometimes the list is so long...

alecupope (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


Goodbye: https://www.dealsplus.com/freebies And https://www.dealsplus.com/special-offers/news

wdjdac (L5) posted Mar 25, 2013


Is anyone else's comments here being "moderated" ? I just commented on another post and that's the message that popped up:/

LokaFreeThings2 (L4) posted Mar 25, 2013


Noooooooooo I want my freebies! If you're smart you know how to look through it. I checked it several times a day :'(

nemeredith (L1) posted Mar 25, 2013


I am sorry to see that the Ask & Share section is no longer prominent and seems to be only at the bottom of the home page under Site Links.

erick99 (L3) posted Mar 26, 2013


wow i went on vacation a couple of days and the site is completely different now time to get use to it will miss the freebies

rd995 (L5) posted Mar 26, 2013


Well with the Freebies section gone i have no need for this site now. I dont like 'social shopping' and its a waste of time for someone with a limited income. Change is not always good.

fallenkitsune (L1) posted Mar 26, 2013


another site bites the dust -- they had a good thing going. The fact is the 2 places freebies & news are NOT places dealsplus made money --- all those "saves" are mostly affilate links for them to make money from. There was not money made on the news or freebies tab.

lovesavingsome (L1) posted Mar 27, 2013


I like the new look

portcitychiro (L2) posted Mar 28, 2013


This is also another type of Improvement.

ukaran (L4) posted Apr 18, 2013


I agree, it's an improvement. Well, change is constant. New features = good!

alicepattinson (L2) posted Apr 18, 2013


What happened to this......... The new front page which is based on "Saves" should give a much more transparent view of what's trending on the site and paint a picture of the very best deals currently available.

krmills1 (L5) posted Apr 18, 2013