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New to, how do i us my phone on this

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I see some coupons say show the retailer your phone and give them this code. What am I showing them on my cell.
debpio59 posted Jun 27, 2011
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if you text a company ie: TEXT "SAVE" to 12345 and you get a reply text saying thanks for bla bla they will text you a coupon code, all you have to do is show the cashier the text which has the code, or on a smart phone, a UPC Bar Code can actually be scanned from your phone to the cash register alowing you to use the coupon. Best example I can share is for Target Mobil Coupons. Hope that helps, not sure if I explained it right, and I am sure some more seasoned MMr's can chime in.

wptbound (rep: 5.6k) posted Jun 28, 2011