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News From DealsPlus Team : Big Thanks for Black Friday + Holiday Giveaway!‏

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  • Hey Money Makers!

    It’s been a while! We’ve all had a busy November but we’re not done yet! The holiday shopping season is well under way. Hopefully you guys have the time to get all your shopping done.

    Best Black Friday ever?
    Thanks to all your hard work, Dealsplus had one of the busiest Black Fridays ever! Technically, it was more like the best Black Wednesday to Friday, but it accounted for the largest amount of activity ever during Black Friday. 

    Help your fellow Dealsplus Users!
    We saw a BUNCH of new users coming in during the month of November and as with all newbies, they’ll have a whole lot of questions. Therefore, your deal/coupon descriptions and comments are of top importance. While Dealsplus has always encouraged Money Makers to have accurate descriptions, we also want to urge all Money Makers to respond to any questions made in the comments. Doing so will further make that deal front page worthy.

    Ship-mas Giveaway!
    Our Holiday Ship-mas Giveaway has already begun and we’re getting plenty of great feedback from Dealsplus users. We’re giving away a $100 gift card daily and all entrants will be entered to win the new iPad Air so be sure to get your answers in and make it on our Ship-list!

    What’s in store...
    Orange Wednesday Sales! Just kidding. 

    As always, Dealsplus is striving to improve itself to be the top destination for deals and coupons. We’re working on a couple of things that may surprise you so keep your eyes peeled. Until next time, Happy Holidays!

    - The Dealsplus Team

Dexterous (L5) posted Dec 09, 2013

lol someone disliked

Dexterous (L5) posted Dec 11, 2013


Each coin has two side

ybabybaby (L1) posted Dec 21, 2013