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Nintendo DS games

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I'm thinking about buying one of those handheld DS console for my nephew. He is only 5 years old so I'm thinking about buying a used 1st generation one. I've found one for $20! My question is, can I use ANY Nintendo DS game? Or are the new games only compatible with newer generation consoles?? Any help would be greatly appreciated it!!
dealsGirl101 posted Dec 15, 2010

you can use any "DS" games for the newer DSi games. you cannot use DSi games for DS games if they were designed specifically for the DSi.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Dec 15, 2010


As far as i know the new one is backward compatible which means u can play old games on new one. But you cannot play the new games on the old one

hzs11112 (rep: 481) posted Dec 15, 2010


I would get him the newer DS the DSi or whatever, because he'll probably end up complaining and he won't have as much a variety of games to choose from.

honeybun1121 (rep: 5) posted Dec 15, 2010


Thank you all for your answers! If new games won't work than I do rather get the newer one. My only concern was him being too young to take care of it. Thanks!

dealsGirl101 (rep: 9.9k) posted Dec 15, 2010


The DSi is nearly 2 years old and there seem to be only 3 exclusive games for it while the Guitar Hero: On Tour series is incompatible with it. With the new 3D model coming out in a few months, the likelihood of many more games being developed exclusively for the DSi is probably slim.

The DSi is still pricey, but there are some good deals on the DS Lite, which followed the clunky looking original DS.

becky457 (rep: 6.4k) posted Dec 16, 2010