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[Offer] 30% Off American Eagle code

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Hi Everyone,  
I got a couple 30% off codes from American Eagle Rewards (from spending a lot with them!) and used one through aerie. I really shouldn't buy any more clothes before this expires on February 13 so I'd like to offer it to someone who's planning on spending (and saving!) a decent amount on AE soon, especially with the free shipping offer going on now.  
Please let me know if you'd be interested and about how much you plan on spending. I'd say first come first serve but I also want to take into consideration how much it'd actually save you. It'd be silly if you were going to just buy one thing vs. perhaps someone else buying clothes for their entire family.
Please also "follow" me just so I can PM you the code!  
This code's only good for one time use and valid until 2/13/14 on both regular and clearance items.
Thanks for reading!
arsiel (L5) posted Jan 31, 2014
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aluiza91 (L1) posted May 06, 2014