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Online Working and Kids (How have you managed since COVID-19?)

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Now that the kids (kid in my case) has been home since COVID-19 shut down, how have you been handling the juggle of kids and work? I believe after a month now, I have found the "balance". My baby is 2 and being a boy, it is never ending shouting "STOP", "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" & "COME DOWN NOW". Usually I would take him to day care/pre-school, but now with the shut down, I have had to sit him in my lap while mouse clicking on some days. It was very hard and frustrating at first, but another mom advised me, that as long as he is not harming himself, leave him. Practice has become perfect. I now juggle work and teaching him and keeping him from hurting himself. Plus it helps having lots of snacks - healthy and junk and thank God he loves water!

But how have you been managing, and what tips can you give other mom (dads too), to find the balance between parenting and working from home during COVID-19?
DivaToya (L2) posted May 01, 2020

For me I have to be teaching my kids at home when the teachers send in there assignments online. Mannnnn I now have higher respect for teachers as I see how difficult it is to manage kids. They are always hungry I just can't understand why they always want something to eat 🙆‍... but I am adjusting slowly to this WFH situation and managing the kids while they still do there school work at home👍😁

stewartcherek (L3) posted May 02, 2020


@stewartcherek I can't wait for Corona to pass...I need some quiet. Work in peace. But I might miss the trouble.

DivaToya (L2) posted May 02, 2020


Dealsplus where is the edit option for the comment section 🙈

stewartcherek (L3) posted May 03, 2020


these kids think they smart, has soon has u home schooling they hungry. You in the ketchen and they watch paw pa true dwl

burner0t (L0) posted May 06, 2020


So true @BJ4140300bot5

My 2 year old is all about snacks and water - thank God not juice. He is always hungry even after a meal...

DivaToya (L2) posted May 06, 2020



Lalumpm (L2) posted May 06, 2020