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Opinions on the use of "Black Friday" in sales promotions?

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Does it bug anyone else that every other sale is called a black friday sale?

Not to be cruel, but it's not a black Friday sale unless it's on black Friday. On all other days, it's just a sale. Other than the over-hyped media association of black friday with the biggest sale of the year, there should be no reason to think that a black friday sale is any better than any other sale.

Anyway, maybe it's just my own pet peeve. Thoughts?

maven3 (L5) posted Sep 21, 2012

I did the ( black Friday sale ) once...and never again. To many people for so few deals...

encorez (L0) posted Sep 21, 2012


It's just marketing. "Black Friday" is associated with GREAT sales, so stores like to do "Black Friday In September" or "Black Friday in January."

In some cases, those sales are better than average sales, but in other cases they aren't. Personally, I could care less what a sale is called. I go straight to the items and decide if it's a good sale or not by myself.

bbattag (L5) posted Sep 21, 2012


This is what business is all about, they want to lure their costumer and costumer wants some great deals like blackfriday, and they go for it.

Last blackfriday, i started shopping 12am and ended up 11 am in morning, almost 12 hrs.......Bank balance was almost nil.

Dexterous (L5) posted Sep 21, 2012


Yes, it's just marketing. But I think we have to consider that some off-Black Friday deals are even better than actual BF deals as I've read from dealnews :)

hutuka (L1) posted Sep 22, 2012


I agree with the others... I have yet to be there, but I think that it is used just for marketing- I mean, who else would be there after eating such a big meal on Thanksgiving...? Just to be trampled on to save a few dollars?
I think cybermonday is way better as it can be done in your pjs.

MdavidK30 (L5) posted Sep 23, 2012


I agree with everyone. I guess I just get annoyed by marketing tactics after a while. The BF thing didn't use to bug me, but this year it started getting excessive for me. Every other sale is a BF sale it seems.

Oh well. Not much to do about it other than see if the prices are actually worth buying. Same as any other sale.

For whatever it's worth, I don't respond well to advertisements. I assume some people do, because I really don't think marketing departments would be in business if everyone was like me.

maven3 (L5) posted Sep 23, 2012