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As a community striving to be better than other sites such as Slickdeals, Fatwallet,  DealNews  and many others we need to come together and self moderate the deals and coupons being submitted. I understand money is at stake here for many people. But plussing bad deals from other people isnt making you any more money so please do some research before you simply look at an item and think its a great price without really knowing. Or even worse submit deals without verifying that they are at a good price.

Im not trying to pick on this user but its the first one I really noticed stand out simply by looking at it and thiking there is no way that chair is worth that money or cant be found for less. This is not a good deal HERE  and so many of our members have gave it the thumbs up. It took all of 10 seconds to find this item for $100 less. So given a few more minutes and scouring for a promo code Im sure it could be brought down even more or found at an even lower price. 

We have a great thing here. People are earning money. This is hands down the best layed out deals site there is IMO. Others may have other better features but there isnt one out there with a better front page. And to have an item like this on the front page being approved by members doesnt look very good at all. 

Nelly went and updated the deal and Im not simply blaming this person for a bad post or trying to focus simply on them for a deal that wasnt quality. But all of us as a community, its a cool chair I agree but we cant just vote on items based on how it looks or if it appears to be a bargain. Thanks for updating your deal Nelly I understand people get excited to hurry and post a deal to make sure they get credit for it  but the rest of us have the job to make sure we know its a good bargain before we approve it to share with the rest of the site. If not we let it be and it gets buried.

Acidbaby posted Mar 27, 2013

The crap on front page is voted on and commented on just to make money. The deals making front page are mostly artificially inflated by mods. Also, The spamming of "deals" that are not really deals just floods this site with crap to sort thru to find honest good deals. Most of the "deals" are just copied and pasted from Slickdeals. They do not even check if it is actually a good deal.

UndaCovaBrotha (rep: 5) posted Mar 27, 2013


I agree. Good luck. That is a issue, but I think there is a different, unseen factor that may be contributing to this problem though. just my opinion. Not sure how to explain it. something just does not add up.

On a side note though: I enjoy being on this site and talking to others here and also SAVING. So i try not to make any waves.

solowkoe (rep: 5.7k) posted Mar 27, 2013


Frankly speaking if you comment the deal which you might not think is best will definitely get thumb down. I have seen that past. If you say this is not cool chair and you can find it in cheaper price will get thumb-down hit.

I have heard people complaining about this. I might get thumb down coz i commented truly.

Dexterous (rep: 102k) posted Mar 27, 2013


The only times I comment on a deal is when 1) it is amazingly good or 2) it really shouldn't be a deal. We really need thumb downs on deals so if it's shitty at least I can do something about it.

kffight3r (rep: 777) posted Mar 27, 2013


I think it's unnecessary to post the same deal more than once, even if it is a different color, size or flavor...It's still the same price and could be included in the description that there are other sizes, colors and flavors available...Just my opinion.

LokaFreeThings2 (rep: 3k) posted Mar 27, 2013


I've noticed this too.. There are many times when you actually click on the link that the price listed is completley different than the price on the website..

LisaNtom08 (rep: 1.6k) posted Mar 27, 2013


I agree Loka. Not much more bugs me than seeing a post for say a comforter set and then every color option is posted separately

Acidbaby (rep: 7k) posted Mar 27, 2013


@Acidbaby Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought multiple postings of the same product was a bit much.

LokaFreeThings2 (rep: 3k) posted Mar 27, 2013


I've noticed that front page deals are now from many users and unlike in the past not just from a select few,seems like their feathers are a little ruffled because they're not getting all the front pages anymore. Maybe its affecting the money they make but if that's the case they should take into consideration that thats how all the others felt every day seeing their deals passed up and the same users getting their deals up front.
Like it or not its more fair and spread out now.
And then there's those users who like to copy what you post,you get a high saves deal and they run right away to post the same item,laughable. But apparently it works,I guess some people just Save for the heck of saving ( or because they are trying to help their friends out ) and not taking into consideration the actual deal.

xptrish (rep: 101k) posted Mar 28, 2013