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Please use JPG for the deal image - Not PNG

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Hello Money Makers,

To improve the site speed of DealsPlus, we are asking all Money Makers to use JPG format images instead of PNG.

You can always save new images on your computer first and then upload them when you are submitting a deal.

Our developers are also working on a new feature: automatically convert images to JPG format.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
Notbad (L5) posted Jan 28, 2021
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Unlike JPG, PNG is a lossless compression format. A very important feature of this format is that it supports transparencies, unlike JPG which will always have a solid colored background. PNGs are the ideal format for images without a background, images containing text, and logos.

At the beginning I uploaded a couple of PNGs, I realized that the loading of the offers is slower so I have never used that format. Anyway, the JPG image has a lower bitrate and is ideal for DP.

BurnsE (L4) posted Jan 28, 2021