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Posting a Better Deal on Your Deal Page?

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I think it is so not cool to post a better deal, to out do your deal, on your deal page? I have noticed, especially newer users to do this. I don't think this is right. If they want to post that deal than post it. But don't take away the time and fun you spent into yours.
tnglm003 (L5) posted Jun 23, 2011

Do you mean by commenting a better deal on your deal?

If so, I think its ok to post a better deal on your deal page because the ultimate goal for a user point of view is to get the best deal and save the most money on a item/service. On the other hand, posting a completely different product on your deal page is not cool IMO, its like spamming/self-promoting. Again, that is just my opinion, others may think differently.

skyline (L4) posted Jun 23, 2011


if there is a better deal out there, people should know about it right? if i posted a deal for an xbox 360 from best buy and someone left a comment saying it was cheaper at amazon, than great, now people know where to find the best deal. i personally would not take a offense.

Plustastic (L5) posted Jun 23, 2011


I believe that when somebody posts a deal, they cede ownership and the deal becomes an asset of the community. It becomes common property and is open to all to improve, modify, or critique.

becky457 (L5) posted Jun 23, 2011


o.k. that answers my question. Thank you for the replies. I feel better now. :)

tnglm003 (L5) posted Jun 23, 2011