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Pre listing Deals From Ads

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What are the rules for pre listing specific deals from ads before the actual ad release date? I'm starting to see top selling sale items listed before the ad date. It this is the case, the entire ad could be pre listed and there will be nothing to list on the actual sale date. This puts the other MM's following the rules at such a disadvantage. Please clarify this as to clear up any confusion.
pgarcia2484 (L3) posted Nov 02, 2020

As of now, we are allowing MMs to submit a deal with an upcoming sale with the correct start date on the title + expiration date, if available.

We thought about removing this rule and have all MM submit a deal when the sale is actually live. However, there is also a downside to this rule, too.

As of now, we are planning to move forward with the same rule, but if you have a good suggestion, please feel free to share it with me.

Thank you

Notbad (L5) posted Nov 03, 2020


Just in case, this^ rule is only applicable to sales. Not applicable to a product deal(s).

Notbad (L5) posted Nov 03, 2020


Good to know! I was confused on this issue.

pgarcia2484 (L3) posted Nov 03, 2020


Thanks for the information, a very useful piece of information. To the new mm I recommend that they always be aware of if something changes in the titles of their offers since apparently there is a dealsplus staff that takes their time to accommodate some titles of the offers to offer better information to the buyer

being attentive is a good way to understand how to do things better

ridavid2018 (L1) posted Nov 03, 2020


I'm confused about so many deals posted as vague "Sales" without any specifics. Many of them are overlapping and often submitted by the same poster.
Examples include https://www.dealsplus.com/health-beauty_deals/p_cvs-black-friday-2020 and https://www.dealsplus.com/home-garden_deals/p_3-days-of-black-friday-deals-nov-26-28.

An admin explained that one is the ad link and the other is a sale, but I don't see it. The "sale" has no specific details or link to sale items, states the same sale dates, and even uses the same image.

DealBuster2 (L4) posted Nov 06, 2020


@DealBuster2, it is the very same thing in my opinion. But there are so many relaxed rules here, it is like anything goes.

DivaToya (L2) posted Nov 07, 2020



https://www.dealsplus.com/health-beauty_deals/p_cvs-black-friday-2020 > Main focus for this deal is BF AD - This is not a sale

https://www.dealsplus.com/home-garden_deals/p_3-days-of-black-friday-deals-nov-26-28 > This is a sale. MM could have used a different image (storefront?) for this sale.

Option 1: Admin can unpublish this sale & schedule it to FP on the first day of sale. However, this option will lead to a lot of dup deal submission.

Option 2: Keep this deal published, but will not promote till the first day of sale. However, keep this deal published will lead to an issue you brought up.

What option would be ideal for DP community? If you have a good suggestion, let me know.

@daviastewart8, I disagree.

Notbad (L5) posted Nov 09, 2020


I somewhat agree with Option 1. However, I think these rules should be updated. This creates a lot of confusion and disadvantage for certain MMs.

For example, if you are going to accept these offers or BF AD in advance, they must come or demand an official source or image of the scanner. I have seen anticipated BF offers since August or September just because astute MMs know the date the BF created these offers.

In short, the BF AD in my opinion is reasonable to accept them when they are launched, but SALE-type offers are better published on the day it becomes effective.

BurnsE (L4) posted Nov 09, 2020