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Preference in trigger/popular Deals

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I don't like to write on the forum very much but I see it necessary.

As we all know anyone has the right to publish offers from the store they want, there are also daily offers from companies that pay DP to advertise , as is the case of Home Depot that all its daily offers are promoted.

But I've seen that there's some preference and decriminalcy to put it that way when favorite admin users aren't what bids are earned. And good will say win? if because it's a battle to see who raises them first.

It's already happened to me that I've managed to earn a couple of these offers and the result is that admins don't promote them to me in the editor's section. Just because I'm not favorite, it's very unfortunate.

Today's offer is vaccums and other things, looking in the past the same offer has been promoted when favorites (shalini & Divatoya) publish them here I leave them:



both were promoted and paid !

Here my offer today is the same, since home depot repeats the offers from time to time.

My offer:

I don't think it's fair for these things to happen with these kinds of offers that are always promoted and that many of us look to be able to increase profits.

I also see that the two people who used to fight for home depot changed now are 2 new people who happened.

What is the formula to like an admin or be favorite I wish as everyone raises my winnings
dsvictor40 (L2) posted Feb 06, 2021

I agree with you. But we cannot argue with them

bhssadaruwan91 (L0) posted Feb 06, 2021


I don't know how and when a deal/offering is promoted, as many times I post a deal that others post and it does not get promoted, when I do. That does not mean that I won't continue to strive to find deals that I believe is worthy of being hand picked or liked by the users of the site. You have no genuine desire to post a deal. You operate to beat others and take pleasure in it. P.S. I am not a favorite.

DivaToya (L2) posted Feb 06, 2021


We are preparing to create a system: admins are no longer involved. Instead, the system will automatically choose deals to promote based on the number of clicks, views, votes, comments, and shares.

Currently, admins are trying to do this^ manually.

FYI. The activities & behavior of DP users on weekdays are not the same as users from the weekend.

Notbad (L5) posted Feb 08, 2021