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Problem with site - unable to update photos, see latest posts, etc

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Hello my fellow DP'ers!

I am having issues with DP:

1. Unable to see latest posts (need to refresh page 2-3 times) to see some and then back to old posts (submitted 57 minute ago and older)
2. Unable to change image on my own posts
3. Unable to see my own deals posted within 1 hour.
4. Unable to post deals - getting log in page and then username/password confirmation error (after trying to login).
5. Performance issues (site is slow).

Is there some sort of maintenance going on now? Would be nice to know so we dont overload spare servers.

belarus94 posted Sep 17, 2012
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I was on my holiday leave... so, I didn't notice anything. Seems to be working just fine tonight. (tuesday night)

MdavidK30 (rep: 3.7k) posted Sep 18, 2012