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Promoting DealsPlus using Facebook Ads

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Can we promote Dealsplus deals and coupons using Facebook Ads?
joeserr1203 (L1) posted Feb 03, 2020
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joeserr1203 (L1),
Are you asking if you can post your deals & coupons on your personal FB account? Yes.

If you are referring to promoting your deals to US residents via FB Ad service, yes.

But if you are referring to 3rd-party FB-ad service, I strongly recommend you not to:
1. A lot of them are promoted to fake FB accounts > to generate click numbers
2. We are cross-referencing multiple traffic data > if your deals & coupons are generating excessive/fake traffic, DP admin(s) will suspend your account.

Notbad (L5) posted Feb 03, 2020