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Question about buying yarn...

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I am hoping to get back into knitting and crocheting. The last time I did either was back in high school about 6 years ago! 

  • What's a good, soft brand that is not scratchy? 
  • Any tips for saving money on yarn?

I live near a Jo-Ann's, Michael's, and Target (Walmart is a bit of a drive for me). I would appreciate any and all feedback!
dealwagger posted Jan 03, 2013
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Compare prices at the places near you. Jo Ann's and Michael's have some good sales, or if you're buying at regular price, they always have coupons available. Sign up for their mail lists and they will send you coupons, also. They each accept each others coupons too.

Plus the workers there can probably help you buying what you need, as they are usually pretty knowledgable

bbattag (rep: 7k) posted Jan 03, 2013