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Why do you post deals & coupons? I get that some stores have certain rules and I agree with that...So, besides those stores, why do you do it? Why not let US post deals/coupons we find? I mean, isn't that why the site has user-generated content and you have the rewards system?
I'm asking because I find so many times coupons and deals posted by mods and sometimes it's frustrating because I suspect you have access to some coupons/deals long before any of us ... so if the store has restrictions, why not just block it for both deals & coupons? otherwise, why not let us post them?
zoneric (L5) posted May 10, 2016

Thank you for your question. I'd like to say that at DealsPlus, we want to have the best deals and coupons available for our visitors. That means if a visitor comes to DealsPlus looking for a bargain or a good coupon code, it's up to us to provide it for them. If we are aware of a good coupon or deal that has not yet been posted on the site, then it is up to us to provide our visitors with the money-saving content they want to see. I'm impressed by the speed and foresight by many of our money makers, many of whom will take it upon themselves to post hot coupons and deals far in advance (even if we have to wait to publish). Anyone and everyone is always welcome to share their posting tips with each other!

To answer your question about deals and coupons, the restrictions can be different for each retailer for different reasons. Most of the time, the restrictions only affect the coupon page, however there are times when both deals and coupons require either manual action or are completely blocked from non-admin personnel.

tr1plication (L2) posted May 10, 2016


Thanks for the reply.

zoneric (L5) posted May 11, 2016