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Questions about submiting new deals

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Hi, Guys, I am new here. I instantly became a big fan of when I ran into it for the first time. I really enjoy finding bargains here. What a fantastic place!! And I'd love to share my findings as well. But I found it impossible to submit a new deal as a newbie. I kept getting this message "Your reputation score is preventing you from submitting from...." and "You can post one deal a day from..." sth like that. I am a bit confused since I have never posted any deals from that specific website. Could anyone help me please? Thanks a lot.
Mostbuying2010 posted Oct 12, 2010

the site is asking for you to post from more "well known" sites like amazon - it's a way to "practice" posting and prevents "spamming."

omegafemale (rep: 214k) posted Oct 13, 2010


thanks for sharing omegafemale said, just try posting from more well-known sites at first. later on, you'll be able to delve off into the vast land of deals.

nimrodboy3 (rep: 68.2k) posted Oct 13, 2010