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Recent Amazon $20 Gift Card Sale : Have you got the code / bonus codes as a referral bonuses?

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I received my code just fine last night. But also I received 4 more emails saying "Looks like you are popular" and telling me that at least 12 (total) of my friends used my referral links and got the deal as well. As it was stated in the promo if you refer a 3 friends and they buy the deal you will get a free one. So I was wondering if any one had received same email and got extra codes for referral?
belarus94 posted Jan 21, 2011

Yes, I got one! I ordered 5 and got one so far.

Jtelford (rep: 2.8k) posted Jan 21, 2011


ya i got one

romamehta1711 (new user) posted Jan 21, 2011


I only got one. I tried for 2 using 2 emails/accounts and different credit cards, but I got an email saying I was only allowed one.

akaricke (rep: 161k) posted Jan 22, 2011


Like akaricke I tried getting 2 with 2 different sets of credentials, but they figured me out and only let me buy 1. :(

LivingSocial doesn't handle referrals as credits for future purchases like Groupon et. al. do, they refund you the purchase price of the deal you agreed to purchase. So if 3+ friends purchased the deal from your referral code, you should have received your $20 Amazon gift card for $0. Lucky you! :) I don't think you get anything extra if 6, 30, or 100 friends buy from your referral link; you just get yours free.

Perkalicious11 (rep: 4.9k) posted Jan 23, 2011