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Rules and Regulations ( why are they not followed)

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It is so unfair to be sleep deprived just to post deals and is denied of it because a MM might have a slight more information when the deal is the same with the same link. Why have rules when only some MMs are committed to following it. Is deal update no longer a thing? Why are deals buried when you were the first one to post a deal. Isn't it first come first serve when posting a deal? I am confused 😐 Are the rules being followed through thoroughly?
stewartcherek (L3) posted Jul 20, 2020

dame my post has gone to limited to 10 because i breached a rule they said i was gonna go back all now. I think it was intentional blacked.

burner0t (L0) posted Jul 20, 2020


Oh wow how long ago was that? @BJ4140300bot5

stewartcherek (L3) posted Jul 20, 2020


If you are referring to Staples deal, I already answered your question. Unfortunately, your deal was dup.

We are doing out best to find & support new MM to become Certified Users. At the same time, the lead admins are reporting & suspending a lot of fraudulent accounts, too.

If you have any suggestion for a new/modified MM rule(s), feel free to contact me and share your thoughts. If valid & applicable, I will share it with the rest of admins.

@BJ4140300bot5, checked your account memo and it seems like a lot of different admins have reached out to you with list of problems & suggestions. Apparenetly, you didn't listen. Checked your posted deals, and you are still doing the same.

Notbad (L5) posted Jul 21, 2020


I was speaking in general with this post @Notbad i have moved pass that because you have indeed explained everything to me, this was written before you answered my message and i know that admins are very fair when it comes on to deals and who is deserving of any credit :) especially @DealsorNoDeals and @SweetLemon, they would at times give explanation as to why a deal is buried or if a deal should be updated or if its a duplicate. I admire their work! :)

stewartcherek (L3) posted Jul 21, 2020